WWF Barcelona – October 5th, 1991

October 5, 1991

From Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain

I got this from a tape trader and the show was presented as an hour long edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” that was broadcasted on Tele5. There are other matches from this show on other Coliseum Home Video and DVD releases.


Power & Glory vs. The Rockers

The crowd is all about The Rockers here. Roma stalls then yells at the crowd. Roma then takes Marty down with a hip toss but Marty slides underneath Roma’s legs and The Rockers end up clearing the ring. Hercules knees Shawn in the midsection then hammers away. Shawn blocks a turnbukcle smash and hits ten of his own as the crowd counts along. Shawn follows with ten mounted punches before tagging out then Marty works the arm. Roma yanks down Marty by the hair from the apron as Power & Glory now cut off the ring. Marty fights back and slugs it out with Roma but runs into a clothesline and does his 360 sell job. Power & Glory kick Marty outside then Roma rams Marty off of the announcers table while Hercules distracted the referee. Marty fights back against Hercules but runs into an elbow smash as that gets two. Roma is back in and steps on Marty’s ankle to prevent him from tagging out. Marty decks Roma but it was not enough to buy him time to tag out as Roma goes back on the attack. Roma hammers away but misses a charge as both men are down then Marty finally tags out. Shawn runs wild then the match break down. Hercules trips up Shawn from the outside and Roma hits a flying elbow smash but Marty makes the save. Roma then holds up Shawn so Hercules could hit him with the chain but Shawn ducks and Roma gets hit and Shawn covers and gets the win as a shocked Hercules could not get back into the ring quick enough for the save (10:54) **1/2.

Thoughts: It started off slow but a strong way to open the show, especially since The Rockers were over strong with this crowd. This ended up being one of Paul Roma’s final appearances with the WWF as he quit just a few days later. Roma said Pat Patterson told him that Power & Glory was ending and he would get a push while Hercules would be taken care of but Roma claimed that was bullshit and wanted to stay as a team then quit on the spot. I know the midcard singles heel side was really weak but I still do not know if Roma would have gotten any sort of push. He was still quite short during an era when the WWF took that into strong consideration.


The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Big Bossman

Mountie attacks Bossman from behind but ends up getting caught with a spinebuster. Bossman chases Hart around on the outside then returns to beat on Mountie. Bossman knocks Mountie outside then heads out and rams his head off of the apron. The ref yells at Bossman to get back inside but he keeps rolling back out to beat on Mountie. They finally head back in where Bossman stays on the attack. Bossman heads up top as Mountie leans against the ropes but Mountie moves out of the way and Bossman lands throat-first across the top rope. Mountie hits a few clotheslines in between taunting the crowd then uses his control techniques to go after Bossman’s throat. Mountie now grabs the mic and heads to the middle of the ring to say that he is the Mountie but turns around and gets destroyed. Bossman gets on top of Mountie and hammers away then hits a powerslam. Bossman soaks up the cheers from the crowd then hits the sidewalk slam but Hart jumps up on the apron. Bossman then chases Hart up the aisle but in the process gets himself counted out before he can return inside (9:17) *1/4. After the match, Bossman hits Mountie with his nightstick a few times until Mountie runs away.

Thoughts: Not much of a match and the finish was lame. The Mountie got a ton of heel heat though but this was a feud that was over after SummerSlam and likely shown here just for the fans in Europe.


Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart vs. British Bulldog w/ Andre the Giant

Earthquake goes out after Andre but backs down when Andre waves his crutch. Bulldog starts flexing to cheers as this frustrates Earthquake. Bulldog uses his speed to avoid Earthquake then hits a dropkick. He takes Earthquake down with a second dropkick then Earthquake regroups outside with Hart. Earthquake returns and rakes the eyes but misses a charge in the corner. Earthquake is then able to catch Bulldog with a bearhug and works that for a while. Earthquake drives Bulldog into the corner then re-applies the hold. Earthquake now heads outside and goes after Andre. The ref grabs Andre’s crutch that was waved up high and that allows Earthquake to nudge Andre’s bad knee. Earthquake heads back in and sets up for the sit-down splash but Andre hits him with the crutch then Bulldog hits a slam for the win (8:15) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Man, I do not know if he was hurt but Earthquake was horrendous during this tour. Almost half of this match saw him work a bearhug. They also played up the Andre stuff with Earthquake in another feud that was pretty much done for good at SummerSlam as far as on TV. This match is also shown on the “World Tour ’92” and “Davey Boy Smith: British Bulldog” home video releases.



The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Tito Santana

Undertaker tries to attack Tito before the bell but that fails. The crowd is jacked for Tito as he beats on The Undertaker in the corner. Tito continues to hammer away then starts working the arm as Undertaker starts reaching for the power of the urn. Undertaker backs Tito against the ropes then fails at blocking a sunset flip as Tito goes back to the arm. Undertaker headbutts Tito but eats boot in a charge in the corner. Tito follows with a few clotheslines then sends Undertaker over the top rope as Undertaker lands on his feet. Undertaker stares at the urn then Tito comes out for the attack. Undertaker gets rammed into the steps then once again stares at the urn while Tito pulls him up onto the apron. Undertaker snaps Tito’s neck off of the top rope as Bearer laughs with joy. Undertaker now heads back inside and hits a throat thrust. Undertaker now fishhooks Tito then backs off the referee. Undertaker hits his rope-walk attack then blocks a slam attempt and sends Tito down with an uppercut. Undertaker methodically attacks Tito and even drops him after a lifting choke. Tito manages to avoid an elbow drop but yanks Undertaker off of the top rope to block another rope-walk attack. Tito fires away but still cannot knock the Undertaker off of his feet. He staggers Undertaker after a pair of flying forearms then the Undertaker shoves the ref in front of him to avoid a third. Undertaker stomps Tito then hits a side slam. Bearer tosses a bodybag into the ring and Undertaker rolls Tito inside. The crowd is not pleased as Undertaker almost zips up the bag but Tito fights back. Tito escapes and tosses the bodybag aside and ends up hitting Undertaker with a piledriver. Undertaker pops back up so Tito hits another piledriver then hits a third one as the Undertaker stays down on the mat. Bearer is up on the apron yelling at Undertaker to get up but Tito shoves him down. Undertaker gets up but in the process Tito hits him with the urn then covers as the ref gets up and counts to three as the crowd goes insane (13:53) **3/4. After the match Tito is interviewed at ringside and its in Spanish but he does talk about being El Matador a few times. He is then given a doll of Cobi, the 1992 Summer Olympics mascot as the event was being held in Barcelona.

Thoughts: This finish was a shock but if you look through the results the Undertaker was not as protected as you would think during this era He took his share of losses. And the match itself was good. They worked at a nice pace and everything Tito did looked great as The Undertaker continues to slowly improve as a worker with this gimmick. Tito was a strong opponent to carry things. Given the fact he won and conducted an interview where he talked about being El Matador it seems that the company wants to get him over in Spain. The crowd reaction to this finish was even better than when England cheered Bulldog after winning the Battle Royal at Albert Hall. A truly satisfying moment for the fans. This match is available on YouTube.


Final Thoughts: The opening and closing matches were fun while the other two were not very good at all. Based on this show you’d think that the company had plans for El Matador, especially in Europe. It was a decent hour of wrestling though and the sold-out crowd of 19,000 appeared to have a great time and added to the show. With domestic house show business struggling its no wonder the WWF made more European tours than usual in the early 90’s.



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