What the World Was Watching: Monday Night RAW – November 27, 1995

Vince McMahon recaps Shawn Michaels collapsing on last week’s show, taking the chance to remind fans that bad things can happen inside of the squared circle.

McMahon and Jerry Lawler are doing commentary and they are still in Richmond, Virginia.

Opening Contest:  Ahmed Johnson (2-0) defeats Rad Radford (10-3) after a Pearl River Plunge at 2:47:

Bob Backlund is shown campaigning in the crowd as Ahmed blows through Radford in Goldberg-like fashion, nearly taking his head off with an axe kick.

Lawler interviews Ahmed, saying that Dean Douglas will teach him a lesson at In Your House.  Ahmed tells Lawler that he better respect him, which brings Douglas to the ringside area.  Douglas puts over Ahmed’s physique but says that the ring is his classroom.  Ahmed demands an immediate confrontation in the ring, but WWF officials intervene before the two can fight.

A video package says that Michaels has been battling medical problems since the middle of October when he was attacked in Syracuse.  McMahon says that Michaels was battling post-concussion syndrome and puts him over as “the most resilient WWF superstar of all-time.”

Barry Didinski does his best to get fans to buy a Bret Hart championship t-shirt for $20 (plus $3.95 shipping & handling).

Aja Kong & Tomoko Watanabe beat Alundra Blayze & Kyoko Inoue when Kong pins Inoue after a spinning backhand punch at 6:01 shown:

Just like Survivor Series, Kong is put over as a force of nature in this match, dominating Inoue and not selling any of her offense.  The bout keeps Blayze and Kong separated until the finish, where Blayze avoids Kong’s spinning backhand punch and avoids a Kong splash off the second rope.  However, she tags in her ineffective partner and Kong helps the heels go over.  All of this was supposed to keep building to a Blayze-Kong showdown, but as noted in the Survivor Series review, this ended up going nowhere as Blayze made her last appearance in the company here and the WWF scrapped the women’s division for three years.  Rating:  **

Footage of Diesel giving Bret Hart three Jackknife powerbombs and attacking WWF officials at the end of their Survivor Series match is shown.  Diesel’s promo on last week’s RAW is also recapped.

Brother Love returns to the WWF for the first time in almost five years to interview WWF Champion Bret Hart.  Piped in crowd noise is very noticeable as Love insults Bret and does not let him respond until Bret grabs Love’s hand to speak into the microphone.  Bret promises a different ending to the last time that he faced the British Bulldog.  He also notes that he will worry about the Undertaker wanting a WWF title shot at a later date.  After Bret finishes his promo, Bob Backlund attacks him and locks in the crossface chicken wing until WWF officials intervene.  The Backlund interference really saved what was a dull segment.

In a pre-taped vignette, Henry Godwinn is on a his hog farm in Arkansas and says that Hunter-Hearst Helmsley is going to get to meet his pigs in person at In Your House.

Hunter-Hearst Helmsley (22-0-1) pins John Crystal after a Pedigree at 1:40:

Helmsley eats up some television time with this squash, not doing too many moves before catching Crystal with a Pedigree to remain undefeated and beat the hapless jobber for the second time this year.

McMahon announces that Razor Ramon & Marty Jannetty will face Sid & the 1-2-3 Kid at In Your House.

Jim Cornette and Owen Hart announce that they are issuing an open contract for In Your House because people are scared to face Owen after what happened to Shawn Michaels on last week’s show.

Kama comes to the ring on crutches before the main event.  Ted DiBiase tells the fans that Kama is in no condition to compete and says that he has paid for Sir Mo’s services as a suitable replacement.

Battle for the Urn:  The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) (12-1) pins Sir Mo (w/Ted DiBiase & Kama) (0-1) after a chokeslam at 3:58 shown:

Just a minute into the match, Kama shows that his injury was a ruse as he participates in a two-on-one beatdown on the Dead Man with DiBiase behind the referee’s back.  That is not enough to save Mo, though, as the Undertaker dominates him, making sure to beat up Kama for good measure.  After keeping the Undertaker from the urn for nearly the entire year, DiBiase and Kama simply retreat to the locker room and leave it by the ring post, allowing the Undertaker to grab it after the match.  Rating:  DUD

After the bell, King Mabel and Yokozuna come out, with Yokozuna stepping into the ring and daring the Undertaker to fight him.  The Undertaker gives Bearer the remains of the urn, which is a bad idea since just like WrestleMania, Bearer gets attacked by a fat guy and Mabel runs off with it because if there is one storyline we need more of it is someone stealing the Undertaker’s urn!

Tune in next week to see Razor Ramon defend the Intercontinental title against Dean Douglas!  Also, Marty Jannetty squares off against Sid!

The Last Word:  After the Ahmed squash, this show was all downhill and was the polar opposite of last week’s captivating episode.  Transitioning the Undertaker’s “chase after the urn” storyline to Mabel induced a lot of eye rolls among longtime fans, especially because a heel having possession of the urn never meant anything.  Over the course of 1995, IRS, King Kong Bundy, and Kama have all had it and yet the Undertaker defeated all of them without significant difficulty.  On the bright side, another Bret-Backlund match could fill some time on a future RAW, although the ending would not be in doubt since Backlund has only wrestled one televised match since WrestleMania.

Monday Night War Rating:  2.3 (vs. 2.5 for Nitro – Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman vs. Sting & Lex Luger)

Now that November is over, here is an update of where wrestlers stand in terms of win/loss totals in 1995 (only active wrestlers under contract at this point in 1995 count):

Top Twenty-Five Overall Records (Minimum of Twelve Matches):

1—Hunter-Hearst Helmsley (23-1-1)

2—Kama (27-1-2)

3—Jean-Pierre LaFitte (20-2-1)

4—Bart Gunn (28-3-1)

5—Billy Gunn (27-3-1)

6—The Undertaker (14-2)

7—Bret Hart (19-3-2)

8—Shawn Michaels (21-4-1)

9—The British Bulldog (35-7-1)

10—Mabel (31-7-1)

11—Duke Droese (14-4)

12—Yokozuna (18-5-2)

13—Sir Mo (18-6)

14—Henry Godwinn (27-8-4)

15—Hakushi (26-9)

16—Owen Hart (25-8-2)

17—Sid (13-5)

18—Diesel (11-4-1)

19—Bam Bam Bigelow (22-9-1)

20—Fatu (13-6-3)

21—Aldo Montoya (12-6)

22—Savio Vega (16-8-2)

23—Razor Ramon (25-14-2)

24—Tatanka (15-8-4)

25—The 1-2-3 Kid (22-14)

Notables Who Did Not Qualify:  Goldust (5-0), Ahmed Johnson (4-0), Avatar (1-0), Dean Douglas (7-2), Marty Jannetty (5-3), Isaac Yankem (5-3)

Top Twenty Singles Records (Minimum of Twelve Matches):

1—Hunter-Hearst Helmsley (23-0-1)

2—Kama (25-1-1)

3—The Undertaker (13-1)

4—Jean-Pierre LaFitte (20-2-1)

5—Bret Hart (17-2-2)

6—Shawn Michaels (19-3-1)

7—King Mabel (13-2-1)

8—Hakushi (25-5)

9—Savio Vega (14-3-1)

10—Henry Godwinn (26-6-3)

11—Duke Droese (14-4)

12—Bam Bam Bigelow (19-6)

13—Razor Ramon (22-7-1)

14—The British Bulldog (15-5-1)

15—Diesel (9-3-1)

16—Rad Radford (10-4)

17—Aldo Montoya (12-6)

18—Sid (8-4)

19—Owen Hart (8-4-1)

20—The 1-2-3 Kid (13-7)

Notables Who Did Not Qualify:  Goldust (5-0), Ahmed Johnson (3-0), Avatar (1-0), Bart Gunn (1-0), Bob Backlund (9-1), Dean Douglas (7-1), Marty Jannetty (5-2), Fatu (7-3), Isaac Yankem (4-2)

Top Tag Teams (Minimum of Eleven Matches)

1—Owen Hart & Yokozuna (16-1-1)

2—The Smoking Gunns (27-3-1)

3—Men on a Mission (18-3)

Notables That Did Not Qualify:  The Bushwhackers (4-0), Barry Horowitz & Hakushi (1-0), Razor Ramon & Savio Vega (0-3-1), Skip & Rad Radford (0-2)

Top Ten in Televised Match Appearances (Iron Worker Award):

1—The British Bulldog (45)

2—Henry Godwinn (41)

3—King Mabel (40)

T4—Bob Holly (39)

T4—Razor Ramon (39)

6—Owen Hart (37)

T7—The 1-2-3 Kid (36)

T7—Hakushi (36)

T9—Bam Bam Bigelow (33)

T9—Bart Gunn (33)

Most Appearances by Show:  RAW-Owen Hart (17); Superstars-Henry Godwinn (18); The Action Zone-Barry Horowitz (12); Wrestling Challenge (for matches not shown on The Action Zone)-The British Bulldog, Hakushi, and Duke Droese (4)

Top Five Matches in November 1995

1—Diesel vs. Bret Hart (Survivor Series, November 19, No Holds Barred Match for the WWF Championship) – ****½

2—Shawn Michaels, Sid, the British Bulldog & Ahmed Johnson vs. Dean Douglas, Owen Hart, Yokozuna & Razor Ramon (Survivor Series, November 19, “Wild Card” Elimination Match) – ****¼

3—Skip, Rad Radford, the 1-2-3 Kid & Dr. Tom Pritchard vs. Barry Horowitz, Hakushi, Marty Jannetty & Bob Holly (Survivor Series, November 19, Tag Team Elimination Match) – ****

4—Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (RAW, November 20) – ***½

5—Bret Hart vs. Sid (Superstars, November 4)

Top Five Overall Matches in 1995 (to this point)

1—Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (SummerSlam, Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title) – *****

2—Diesel vs. Bret Hart (Survivor Series, November 19, No Holds Barred Match for the WWF Championship) – ****½

3—Jeff Jarrett vs. Shawn Michaels (In Your House 2, Intercontinental Title Match) – ****½

4—Shawn Michaels, Sid, the British Bulldog & Ahmed Johnson vs. Dean Douglas, Owen Hart, Yokozuna & Razor Ramon (Survivor Series, November 19, “Wild Card” Elimination Match) – ****¼

5—Diesel vs. Bret Hart (Royal Rumble, WWF Championship Match) – ****

Up Next:  WWF Superstars from December 2, 1995!