Cowboy gimmicks

Now I know cowboys are a big part of US culture/history, but why were there SO MANY cowboy gimmicks during wrestling history? Seemed like every southern/midwest territory had multiple cowboy gimmicks around in the 70s/80s. Brother Love said that Curt Hennig always wanted to have a cowboy gimmick (technically kinda happened later on with the West Texas Rednecks), how original…I just don't get it, it's the most generic gimmick possible imo

​That's why it's so popular and effective.  The western genre ruled cinema for decades and everyone wants to be John Wayne because he's a cool badass or Clint Eastwood or whoever.  And if you need an instantly recognizable gimmick, bam, cowboy hat and boots and everyone instantly knows who are you and what you're about.  It's an archetype for a reason.​