WWE 205 Live – 5th June 2018

WWE 205 Live

5th June 2018

Corpus Christi, Texas

Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Last week saw one of the greatest matches in 205 Live history as Cedric Alexander bested Buddy Murphy in a Tuesday night classic.  Tonight, we’ve got Lince Dorado tangling with The Brian Kendrick and Mustafa Ali going one-on-one with Buddy Murphy.  Should be another good week of cruiserweight action.  Let’s get to it!


Lince Dorado (w/Kalisto & Gran Metalik) vs The Brian Kendrick (w/Drew Gulak)

Gentleman Jack is conspicuous by his absence this week.  Anyone else smell a run-in finish?  Gulak joins the announcers for guest commentary; his work at the booth was a highlight last week, so nice to see him back there again.  Kendrick jumps Dorado at the bell and hammers away in the corner.  Forearms from Brian, before Dorado responds with palm strikes and a furry of blows of his own.  Basement rana from Lince as Brian slides to the outside for respite.  Dorado misses with a baseball slide, before whipping Kendrick chest first into the apron.  Kalisto and Metalik are idiotically waving the damn maracas; sorry for the archaic terminology, but they’re just acting like retards every week at this point.  There really needs to be see some kind of character development with Kalisto and chums.  Sidewalk slam from Kendrick for a near fall; shades of Kevin Nash.  Butterfly suplex from Kendrick for another two count, before he goes back to the armbar.  Hard Irish whip from Kendrick as Gulak amusingly tells us from the booth that he “can’t trust men who hide their face from plain sight”, a knock on the tradition of Lucha masks.  Dorado comes back into it with a headscissor takedown, followed by a successful of knife-edge chops.  Lince goes up top and gets a near fall off a flying cross body.  Standing dropkick from Lince, sending Brian to the outside.  Suicide dive through the ropes from Dorado and both guys are down on the outside in front of the announce table.  Kendrick tosses Dorado into Gran Metalik, flooring the other masked superstar, before rolling Lince back into the ring.  Springboard Stunner from out of nowhere from Dorado gets the win at 7:35.

Match rating: C  Serviceable, if unmemorable action, to continue this rivalry.

During the post-match, Gulak attacks Metalik and Kalisto at ringside, before bailing back up the aisle with Kendrick, as the Luchas regroup in the ring.  No sign of Gallagher this week then; he’s still looking pretty pasty, maybe he’s off working on his tan?  I know, let’s play WHERE’S JACK?



We get a highlight package from last week’s thriller between Alexander and Murphy, which was the first Cruiserweight Title match on 205 Live in almost 8 months.  A shame really, as when title matches are on the PPV pre-shows they are criminally short on time and never do the division justice.

Mustafa Ali cuts a brief promo backstage to hype his clash with Murphy tonight.

Ad for Money In the Bank, focusing on yet another AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura clash.  Can someone enlighten me as to what a Last Man Standing match is supposed to settle between these two?  Considering that under the rules of the match, a repeat of the conclusion of their last bout (i.e. double knockout) wouldn’t actually resolve anything?  Who books this crap?!

Ad for next week’s Raw, with two fatal fourway matches booked (i.e. we can’t think of anything creative to do, so let’s just chuck everyone into some inconsequential matches to fill time).


TJ Perkins vs Brian Keith

The jobber is dressed particularly stylishly for the job, with tight jeans, a button up shirt and cowboy boots.  Perkins clotheslines Keith, before going to the outside and grabbing a mike.  TJP does the old Jerry Lawler gimmick of beating on the jobber and talking trash on the live mike as he does so.  Good to see an old act brought to life again.  Perkins taunts the “Corpus Crispy” crowd, before moaning about Drake Maverick and pimping himself out to Paige, Kurt Angle and William Regal for a spot on another show.  A leg grapevine gets the tapout win at 2:10.

Match rating: C  I never normally go higher than a D for a squash match, but this one gets points for creativity.  Some fun character development with TJP (Kalisto, take note) and I’m interested to see where this may go.

During the post-match, McGuinness refers to TJP as “one of the greatest cruiserweights in the history of the game”.  That sort of outrageous hyperbole would probably astonish even Tony Schiavone.


Vignette for Lio Rush, soon to debut on 205 Live.  Nice stuff as he appears to be playing a high-roller type gimmick.

IT’S BOOKED!  Next week sees Lucha House Party clash with Jack Gallagher, The Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak in six-man tag action.


Mustafa Ali vs Buddy Murphy

Dasha approaches The Juice Brothers backstage (Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy) and Buddy tells us he’s unstoppable.  Knife-edge chops from Ali have little effect in the early going.  Dropkick from Ali sends Murphy to the outside, before Mustafa strikes with a corkscrew plancha.  Back inside and a flying crossbody from the top from Ali gets two.  Both guys are on the top turnbuckle and jockeying for position.  Murphy has Ali up in a fireman’s carry and drops him ribs-first onto the top turnbuckle in an innovative spot.  Knee to the bread-basket from Buddy as he’s now going to work on the ribs.  Murphy goes for it again but Mustafa rolls through into a crucifix pin attempt for two.  Buddy gets Ali up in a suplex and tosses him midsection-first onto the top rope.  A side backbreaker and then a turning gutbuster from Murphy for a midfall.  Abdominal stretch from the Aussie grappler, who is well on top of things here.

Ali comes back into it with a picture-perfect inverted hurracanrana.  McGuinness channels the spirit of Gorilla Monsoon, telling us he’s glad he retired.  Superkick from Ali.  Back elbow strike from Murphy.  Springboard splash from Ali as it’s back-and-forth at this point.  Both guys re-set and trade right hands and forearms.  Ali builds momentum but then runs straight into a forearm.  Pump kick from Murphy.  Ali goes for a roll-through X-Factor but tastes a knee to the face for his troubles.  They fight out onto the apron, where Murphy misses a knee strike into the post.  X-Factor from Ali on the apron.  Back inside the ring where Ali goes up top but gets nailed by a boot to the face.  Turning DDT from Buddy gets another two count.  A “this is awesome chant!” breaks out.  It isn’t, but it’s a pretty good match.  Ali bails to the outside, but Murphy grabs him by his greasy hair (think Bret hart, folks) and taunts him.  Mustafa turns the tables by taking his legs out from under him, sending Murphy crashing back-first onto the ring apron.  Ali strikes with a tornado DDT from the middle turnbuckle down onto the floor in unquestionably the spot of the match so far.  He throws Murphy back into the ring and goes up top, no doubt looking for the 054.  Hideo runs unexpected interference and decks Ali, giving Mustafa the DQ win at 12:11.

Match rating:  B+  Strong main event.  The ringsiders didn’t care for the ending, but it’s fine with me.  We’ve had a string of conclusive finishes in recent weeks, so a storyline-enhancing ending gets a pass.  Good back and forth action, as you’d expect from these guys, and Itami interjecting himself into proceedings makes me interested to see where they’re going next week.

Hideo decks both guys in the post-match, clearly trying to force his way into the Cruiserweight Title picture.  The show signs off with Itami posing in the aisleway.


Overall show rating: B  Another good week as 205 Live has been on a roll since coming back from the U.K. tour.  More of the same next week, please!