The SmarK Rant for Extreme Championship Wrestling–10.11.94

The SmarK Rant for Extreme Championship Wrestling – 10.11.94

Taped from Hamburg, PA

Your host is Joey Styles

The Public Enemy v. Don E. Allen & Dino Sendoff

They beat on Sendoff with a baseball bat before they even their jackets off, which is apparently leading to the dreaded BASE-BRAWL match at November 2 Remember next month. Allen comes in and they quickly beat on him as well and hit a Rockerplex, and the Drive-By finishes at 2:21.

Meanwhile, on the mean streets of Philly, Public Enemy has words for Cactus & Mikey.

Fans, call the ECW Hotline now and leave a message for the Sandman to aid in his recovery from blindness.

2 Cold Scorpio v. Borne Again

They trade lockups while Borne moves in and out of the Doink persona, and Scorpio chops him down for two. Superkick gets two and Borne bails and stalls. Back in, Scorpio takes him down and works on the leg for a bit, and a standing moonsault gets two. Borne comes back and takes over after a cheapshot, but Scorpio gets a crossbody for two and goes to the armbar. Borne bites him on the nose to escape that and misses a blind charge, and Scorpio goes up with a bodypress for two. Back to the armbar as this match drags on, and Scorpio hits a twisting legdrop for two. We take a break and return with Scorpio diving on Mr. Hughes, which goes badly for him. Scorpio fights the heels off, however, and comes back with an atomic drop in the ring, only to miss a corner splash. Borne gets a chair and dumps the ref, then goes up with the Whoopie Cushion for the DQ at 9:24. Boring and heatless, a complete waste of my time. ½* Borne and Hughes put the clown wig on Scorpio and declare him to be the new Doink.

Joey points out that Borne was paid good money to wear the clown suit because he SOLD OUT, unlike Scorpio, who is a true hardcore athlete. Well, that tune would certainly change in a couple of years. And there’s certainly no one getting paid good money in ECW.

Meanwhile, Borne cuts a promo basically imitating Roddy Piper’s mannerisms and cadence. This feud was DEATH and Borne fell apart and was gone soon after anyway.

ECW TV title: Jason (The Sexiest Man on Earth) v. Mikey Whipwreck

Jason works a headlock while Joey declares over and over that Mikey is winning the title tonight, and we take a break. Back with Jason in control with a whole lot of nothing, and a piledriver gets two. Jason works the arm on the mat and follows with a dropkick and stalls and stalls before going up, but Mikey slams him off and follows with a flying clothesline that bumps the ref. The Public Enemy runs in and mugs Mikey, then puts Jason on top for the pin to retain at 6:35. Mikey still needed to be carried at this point, and Jason was not the guy to do it. DUD They proceed with the beatdown, but Cactus makes the save.

Meanwhile, Tommy Dreamer is at home, pretty broken up about blinding the Sandman and all. So now every time he wrestles, he wrestles for the Sandman.

Holy shit what a waste of 45 minutes this was. Hard pass.