WWF Prime Time Wrestling – September 30th, 1991

September 30, 1991

Your hosts are Sean Mooney and Bobby Heenan

This show was cut off at the beginning and missed I think the beginning of the Hogan interview and the segment from 9/28 Superstars where Flair attacks Piper


Hulk Hogan is in the studio telling everyone that Ric Flair will have his chance at the title. Hogan also says while he acknowledges Flair’s presence you just do not step into the ring with Hogan but also the thousands of Hulkamaniacs too. Hogan then promises to teach Flair a wrestling lesson and will show both Flair and Heenan what happens when you get into the ring with the real world’s champion before leaving the set. More hype for the eventual Hogan vs. Flair match.


The hosts are now talking about Hogan and Flair again then we see the trailer for “Suburban Commando.” After that airs, Heenan warns Hogan that what happened to Piper will happen to him as well.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Hercules w/ Slick vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

This was from the 9/10 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes are the announcers. Hercules knees Bret in the gut after a slugfest and that pleases Slick. Bret fights back and works the arm for a bit then hits a crossbody for a two count. Bret fires away and hits an inverted atomic drop and stays in control until Hercules reverses an Irish whip in the corner. We head to commercial and return with Hercules hitting a short-arm clothesline. Elbow drop gets two then Hercules uses a chinlock. Bret escapes and looked like he was supposed to be hit with a hotshot but fell way short of that and hit the mat before rolling outside. Slick messes with Bret while Hercules distracts the ref. Back inside, Hercules ducks his head then Bret hits a suplex as both men are down. They slug it out then Bret starts to run wild. Bret gets two with an elbow drop from the middle rope then he knocks Hercules off of the top rope. Bret heads outside but Hercules rakes his eyes. Hercules runs Bret into the post but misses a chair shot. Hercules and Slick then collide and Bret rolls Hercules back inside for the Sharpshooter and the win (8:22) *1/2.

Thoughts: Just a basic match but cool to see a Prime Time exclusive title match. Hercules was still hurt and it showed. He couldn’t really do much of anything. The midcard heel side is really lacking right now and it makes it tough for Bret to have a feud worth caring about.


Back in the studio they plug the Randy Savage/Elizabeth 1-900 number and hear updates from Elizabeth.


An ad for the “Hulk Hogan: Real American Story” Hot Ticket PPV.


Virgil now comes out to the studio. He is holding the Million Dollar Belt then passes it around to the audience. Virgil then talks about working out the WBF Superstars and shows off his WBF tank top. Heenan wants to look at the belt but Virgil says he can if he backs up about 500 feet. Virgil then calls the fans co-owners of the belt.


Ted DiBiase defeating Mark Thomas from the 9/29 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Virgil is still in the studio as Heenan really wants to hold the Million Dollar Belt. Virgil then tells us the belt is all about the kids. Virgil then says he will put the belt on the line anytime, anyplace and challenges DiBiase to step into the ring.


WWF Special Report that shows the Sgt. Slaughter interview with Okerlund that aired on Superstars. 


Mike Durham & Mike Williams vs. Legion of Doom

This match would also air on the 10/13 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Animal hits Williams with a press slam as the LoD are in full control of the match. Durham is now in and he gets destroyed until the LoD put him away with the Doomsday Device (3:01).

Thoughts: An easy win for the tag champs as their feud against the Natural Disasters continues.


We are in the studio with Heenan telling Mooney that if Hogan was the real world’s champion he’d be defending the title every day instead of making movies but as that happens, Hogan sneaks out wearing his “Suburban Commando” costume to scare Heenan. Hogan then talks about Flair not being here tonight as Hogan shows off his costume and what it can do in the movie. Hogan says he is a space warrior that saves galaxies as this leads into a clip from the film where Hogan’s character, Shep Ramsey, punches a mime in the face. It was fun to see Hogan messing around with Heenan. He did a decent enough job and like usual, Heenan’s selling was tremendous.


Beverly Brothers w/ The Genius vs. Joe Milano & Martin Roy

This match would also air on the 10/6 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” The Beverly Brothers beat on Milano to start. We hear from The Bushwhackers in an insert promo as they say they’re smart enough to know they can beat the Beverly Brothers. Roy tags in and also gets his ass kicked before he is put away with the Shaker Heights Spike (2:30).

Thoughts: The hype for the Beverly Brothers/Bushwhackers feud continues.


Big Bully Busick w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. British Bulldog

This match took place at the 9/9 “Superstars of Wrestling” tapings in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Winston is not with Bulldog here. Both guys get into a brief shoving match after a lockup. They now trade arm wringers until Busick takes Bulldog down with a hairpull. We then get a test-of-strength but Busick cheap shots Bulldog then takes control. Busick works a chinlock then Bulldog escapes and works the arm. We go to break then return as Bulldog still targets the arm. Busick reaches the ropes then boots Bulldog in the corner. Busick yells at the ref and starts choking out Bulldog then uses other cheap heel tactics to maintain control. Busick uses another chinlock then hits a clothesline before yelling at the crowd. Bulldog then pops up and kicks Busick before hitting a suplex. Bulldog now works a chinlock but Busick breaks that up with a jawbreaker. Bulldog fights back and nearly puts Busick away with a small package but Busick starts cranking the neck. Bulldog fights out then runs the ropes but has Whippleman low-bridge him and gets Busick disqualified (9:27) 1/2*. After the match, Bulldog sneaks behind Busick and knocks him down. He then has Whippleman up for a powerslam but Busick pulls his leg as Whippleman flees to safety.

Thoughts: Busick was just terrible in the ring. He was slow and appeared to lack athleticism. Bulldog has been treading water since his feud with Warlord ended. Warlord is now the #1 contender to the Intercontinental Title while Bulldog is stuck wrestling stiffs like Busick, who was squashed by Sid in under a minute the day before this aired.


Replay of Flair attacking Piper on Superstars.


Skinner now comes out to the set. He doesnt trust Mooney because he wears a suit. Skinner says he got his name due to his love of animals as he has tobacco (in reality it was black licorice) drool out of his mouth.


Col. Mustafa w/ Gen. Adnan vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Another match that took place at the 9/10 Challenge tapings in Cornwall, Ontario. The announcers talk about Slaughter and how he got what he deserved at SummerSlam. Mustafa bails after getting clotheslined twice then Duggan leads the Canadian crowd into a “USA” chant. Mustafa returns but Duggan blocks his punches and sends him back down to the mat. Mustafa regroups with Adnan then returns and cheap shots Duggan after a break. Mustafa stomps away then distracts the ref so Adnan can rake the eyes. Mustafa dumps Duggan outside where Adnan rakes his eyes once again. Duggan returns inside where Mustafa works a chinlock. Mustafa goes back to the chinlock after a few kicks but Duggan gets up and fights back. The ref makes Duggan break in the corner and that allows Mustafa to punch Duggan in the face. Mustafa gets two with a kick to the face then tries for a suplex but that gets blocked as Duggan hits one of his own as both men are down. Adnan places the 2×4 in the corner then distracts the ref but Duggan hits Mustafa then whacks him with the 2×4 for the win (7:42) -*.

Thoughts: I can’t think of a worse duo in WWF history involved in a main event angle than Adnan & Mustafa. Everything they did looked like shit. And Duggan is certainly not the type to carry someone, especially in 1991. Just a dreadful match.


Back in the studio we see Skinner spitting his tobacco into a tin can then shows off his “gator paw” as he laughs when recalling the time he skinned the alligator. Lord Alfred then calls out Skinner for lacking dignity and being a disgusting person who is dressed like a “ragamuffin.” Skinner sizes up Lord Alfred and spits tobacco on his suit after Lord Alfred told him to take a bath. Skinner is now laughing into the camera. They did a good job of establishing Skinner as a disgusting slob but the introductory vignettes portrayed Skinner as a redneck predator of sorts. Skinner came off more like a lower card comedy guy than anything else I thought.


We return from commercial as Jameson lets Heenan know that Hogan has left. Mooney then uses this to plug the Savage/Elizabeth hotline.


Tony Diamond vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

This match also aired on the 10/12 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.” Jake holds up the cobra with his black glove as he makes his way to the ring. Jake wears the glove during the match as he beats on Diamond. He slams Diamond then chokes him out on the mat. Jake laughs then teases for the DDT but just drops Diamond. The crowd boos then Jake hits the DDT for the win as he lays down on Diamond for the cover (2:51). After the match, Jake takes out the cobra and lets it loose on the mat.

Thoughts: Jake showed off his new edge and I loved how he messed with the crowd before actually hitting the DDT. He seamlessly transitioned from face to heel.


Back in the studio Heenan says he is calling up Flair. We learn next week that Roddy Piper will be in the studio. Also, Warlord & Slick and the Nasty Boys will be in the studio. Heenan then tells Flair over the phone that Hogan called him the real world’s champion then said Hogan admitted to dodging him for a decade. Hogan sneaks out still in his costume and drops Heenan by using his “muscle amplifier” then picks up the phone to mock Flair. A fun way to end the show.


Final Thoughts: The in-studio stuff was fine but the action was poor overall. It was mostly an advertisement to see Suburban Commando and generic hype for Hogan/Flair was featured as well. Nothing you need to see on this show.


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