WWE 205 Live – 29th May 2018

WWE 205 Live

29nd May 2018

Raleigh, North Carolina

Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

The quality of 205 picked up somewhat last week, with Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami ripping it up in their grudge match.  Can defending champion, Cedric Alexander, and heel contender, Buddy Murphy, keep the momentum rolling this week?  Let’s get to it!

We’re coming this week from North Carolina State University; expect even more “wooo!” chants following knife-edge chops than usual then.


The Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher vs Kalisto & Lince Dorado

Drew Gulak joins us on commentary.  Joseph asks him who he tips for tonight’s main event, to which Drew quips “whoever has the best ground-game.”   This is almost a rematch from several weeks ago, except Kalisto is subbing for Gran Metalik.  Insufferable selfi-promo from the Lucha House Party before the match.  Kendrick and Dorado start us off.  Fireman’s carry from Brian, but he gets locked in a headscissor.  More mat work and Kendrick gets the first near fall following a shoulder-block.  Hurracanrana takeover and a standing dropkick from Lince, before tagging in Kalisto, who strikes with a splash, springboarding off Dorado’s shoulders.  Dorado gets tagged back in but runs straight into a forearm from Gallagher who is now the legal man for his team.  Chinlock from Jack on Kalisto as Metalik shakes that damn maraca at ringside.  Kalisto is back in with a headscissor takeover on Gentleman Jack.  Kalisto tries for a tornado DDT, but Gallagher escapes and tags Kendrick back in, who decks Kalisto from behind with a double axehandle.  Kendrick strikes with some forearms to the face from a camel clutch position as he and Jack have cut the ring in half.  Gallagher headbutts Kalisto in the midsection before hitting a back elbow to the jaw for a near fall.

Brian is back in, nailing Kalisto with a boot to the face for a two count.  Armbar from Kendrick as Kalisto is in peril.  Gulak goes apesh*t at ringside, bemoaning the constant use of the maraca from Metalik, likely echoing the thoughts of most viewers.  Kendrick gets backdropped to the outside and Kalisto is crawling for the tag.  Hot-tag and Dorado is back in with a high cross body from the top.  Hurracanrana takeover from Lince to Brian for a near fall.  Handspring Stunner from Dorado sends Kendrick to the outside, but his respite lasts merely seconds as Lince strikes with a suicide dive through the middle rope.  Lince goes up top, but Gulak leaves the announce booth to run interference, crotching Dorado.  Kendrick locks in Captain’s Hook and that’s good for the tapout win at 7:12.

Match rating: C  Okay, but somewhat skippable tag action.  Gulak, much like Kendrick and Gallagher last week, was a highlight on commentary.  The Luchas really need to do more than just shake maracas and engage in inane Lucha chanting to evolve to anything beyond an opening-match act.  Expect a six-man tag with all these guys within a fortnight.


Ad for Money In the Bank, highlighting Nia Jax’s title defence against Ronda Rousey.  I smell a train wreck.

Ad for next week’s Raw.  Shockingly, they’re advertising two matches in advance.  I didn’t know they were planning more than 3 hours ahead these days.

Mustafa Ali and Tony Nese give us their predictions for tonight’s main event.  The face picks the face and the heel plumps for the heel.  Nothing to see here.

Dasha interviews Drake Maverick, who hypes the match some more.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Buddy Murphy vs Cedric Alexander (c)

We’re only 23 minutes into the broadcast as we get the introductions, so expect a big match pace to this one.  Murphy continues to look well over the 205lbs weight limit as he’s as ripped as ever.  Cedric gets little reaction from his hometown fans; that’s what he gets for being a charisma-vacuum.  He’s dynamite in the ring, but he neither talks like a star nor carries himself like one; he’s still got a long way to go before he’d have a main roster call-up on the horizon.  Murphy is announced as being 203lbs, a Hulk Hogan-esque whopper if ever I’ve heard one.  Alexander finally gets a pop as the announcer tells us he’s from Charlotte.  Some nice matwork in the early going as they trade wristlocks and headscissors.  Murphy tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Cedric flips out of it.  Alexander goes for a headscissor take over, but Buddy escapes with a cartwheel as they re-set.  Murphy with a hurracanrana takeover, but Cedric flips out of it.  Very evenly matched thus far.  Some criss-cross action concludes with Alexander sending Murphy to the outside with a headscissor takeover.  Back inside Buddy misses with strike attempts and gets downed by a standing dropkick from the champion.  Murphy gets knocked back to the outside and Cedric sends him flying over the announce table with a suicide dive through the ropes.  Cedric stands on the announce table with bad intentions, but Murphy takes his legs out from under him, sending him crashing spine-first on the furniture, before dropping him back first on the ring apron.

Murphy rolls Cedric back inside and strikes with a hard kick to the back.  Two more kicks to the back and Cedric is selling like his life depends on it.  Hard Irish whip from the Australian challenger.  More hard soccer kicks to the back, as Buddy is clearly ready for the World Cup in Russia.  Chinlock from Buddy with a knee to the spine for good measure.  Cedric strikes back with a hard forearm and an uppercut.  Cedric escapes a suplex attempt and connects with a spin kick to the gut.  Cedric goes for a springboard clothesline, but tastes a heel kick to the jaw for his troubles.  Murphy connects with a double knee to the back.  Buddy tries it again but telegraphs this one and runs straight into a superkick from the champion.  Both guys re-set and trade forearms.  Wicked back elbow from Alexander, followed by a hard kick upside the head.  Murphy is out on the floor, where he gets taken out by a somersault plancha from Cedric.  Back in the ring and Cedric hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall.  Boot to the face from Murphy sends Cedric through the ropes and to the outside.  Buddy connects with a somersault plancha of his own and almost busts his ribs as he collides with the announce table.  Murphy tosses Alexander back in and goes for a double stomp from the top.  He misses however and Cedric hits a variation of a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.

Cedric goes for the Lumbar Check, but Murphy flips out of it and strikes with a boot to the face.  Running vertical suplex from Buddy for a two count.  They fight out onto the apron, where Buddy goes for a suplex.  Cedric slips out of it and downs Buddy for a Flatliner, head-first down onto the apron (#hardestpartofthering).  Both guys are down on the floor and the ref is checking them, before starting the count.  They’re both back in after 9, as many ringsiders probably feared a Styles/Nakamura finish.  Another exchange of forearms mid-ring.  Neuraliser attempt from Cedric, but Murphy catches him in a Canadian backbreaker before turning it into a DDT in an excellent spot that gets two.  Both guys recover in opposite corners.  They charge together in the centre of the ring and trade blows.  High knee from Murphy for an incredibly near fall.  Murphy’s Law attempt from Buddy, but Cedric reverses for a rollup for two.  Powerbomb from Murphy for two, followed by a knee to the face for yet another two count.  Buddy sells frustration as he can’t seem to put the champion away.  Springboard Neuraliser from a resurgent Alexander.  A second Springboard Neuraliser nearly destroys Buddy where he stands.  Lumbar Check from Alexander and that’s all she wrote at 20:07.

Match rating: A+  As good a match as you’ll ever see on 205 Live and this could have easily headlined any PPV WWE have put out in some time.  Tremendous work from both and this is well worth going out of your way to see.  For all the flack I give Cedric for his weak promos, he shows an abundance of fire bell-to-bell, and if he can translate that to a more compelling character then he’ll really go places.  Murphy has been a real breath of fresh air since his heel turn and he’s prime for a main roster callup anytime now.


Overall show rating: A  The main event earns it this rating.  Skip the tag match and start watching from the 23-minute mark, you won’t be disappointed.