Indy Guys You Were Suprised Never Got Signed

I was wondering of all the indy guys from the past decade whose been floating around, who are you suprised WWE never snatched up or wasn't a bigger deal? My number 1 would be Alex Shelley. Always reminded me of Chris Jericho. I felt like he could of always been a big deal whether in TNA or WWE. After him we get to the usual suspects of Jay Lethal, Christopher Daniels, Amazing Red, The Briscoes (although they were probably on their way there before Jays homophobe twitter rant).

​The Briscoes are definitely my #1.  I thought they were a 100% lock that they'd show up one day, and they just never did so far.  Also, the Young Bucks, who I figured would at least give it a try, but again, nope.  ​