NXT on FS1

Do you think they shop NXT around to networks? I'm not saying it would get anywhere even remotely near RAW/Smackdown money, however, a network like FS1 might jump at the chance to get it. They just lost a ton of programming content provided to them from the UFC. You don't think they could get, say, 10 million a year for the rights for NXT? 

While NXT has people that definitely aren't ready to be on TV, they DO have ready for prime time guys on the roster. Let's not act like everyone is too green to be seen by 400,000 viewers on FS1. And it's small enough that Vince and Dunn would stay away and let Triple H continue to do his own thing from Full Sail.

Then they could once again try to purchase Ring of Honor to basically take NXT's place on the network…hybrid of developmental and Indy veterans. Roll all of the cruiserweights into ROH.

Problem is that NXT has no track record on real TV, so there's no interest in giving it a chance to have a track record. Plus viewership on the Network is fuck all outside of Takeovers, I've heard.  I just don't see it.