What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – November 18, 1995

A great movie-style preview of Goldust opens the show with Todd Pettengill narrating.  Goldust says that he is ready for his close up and that has finally arrived on Superstars.  Pettengill also says that they will show us the shocking footage of the 1-2-3 Kid’s heel turn on RAW.

Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler, and Jim Ross are calling the action and they are concluding the tapings in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Opening Contest:  The British Bulldog (w/Jim Cornette) (13-5-1) pins Roy Raymond after a running powerslam at 2:02:

For the second straight week the opening contest serves as a vehicle to hype the Wild Card match at Survivor Series.  During the squash, the Bulldog and Cornette talk about how they do not care who wins the WWF title match at Survivor Series because they are confident they can beat both men, laying the foundation for the In Your House 5 build.  The Bulldog uses three moves to beat Raymond for his fourth straight singles win, showing that he is a force to be reckoned with on Sunday.  After the match McMahon and Lawler speculate on whether the Bulldog will find himself in a confrontation with Ahmed Johnson tomorrow night on pay-per-view.

Hunter-Hearst Helmsley, Dean Douglas, Fatu, Men on a Mission, Isaac Yankem, and Lawler give their predictions on who is going to win between Diesel and Bret Hart at Survivor Series.

A replay of the Diesel and Bret Hart video debate on RAW is played.

Hakushi (24-4) defeats Brian Walsh after a hurricanrana at 2:57:

Walsh gets a surprising amount of offense in this match, nailing Hakushi with a clothesline after the opening bell and then working him over in the corner at the midway point.  In many ways, the match is the perfect example of how Hakushi is no longer considered much of a “force” on the roster.  However, he has still had a good 1995 season, possessing more singles victories than anyone else on the roster not named Kama.

Dok Hendrix dances around in a chef’s hat and fanny pack as he discusses cooking for Thanksgiving.  He discusses the next big Madison Square Garden show after Survivor Series, where the Undertaker will get a WWF title shot.  Also, WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defend against Owen Hart and Yokozuna and Razor Ramon defends the Intercontinental title against Sid.  There will also be a slop match between Hunter-Hearst Helmsley and Henry Godwinn.

Footage of Dean Douglas attacking Razor Ramon on RAW is shown.

Dean Douglas (6-1) beats Tim McNeeny after the Final Exam at 3:26:

Douglas is considered the captain of one of the Wild Card teams at Survivor Series, but he has not been seen on screen with many of his partners, primarily Owen Hart and Yokozuna, except for a brief promo on the recent RAW.  Douglas wastes little time hitting McNeeny with a belly-to-belly suplex but this is not Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) so no pinfall is to be had.  Instead, Douglas secures that with his Final Exam finisher after dragging the squash out longer than it needed to be with rest holds.

The announcers recap footage of the 1-2-3 Kid’s heel turn on RAW.

“Bill Clinton” talks about how he will be talking with Henry Godwinn at Survivor Series in the presidential box because he is from Arkansas.

Footage of the Godwinn-Hunter-Hearst Helmsley “match” on RAW is shown.

Lawler conducts an interview with the Royals to hype Survivor Series.  Lawler fires off some jokes at the Dark Side team and the future HHH and Kane offer some short comments.  Mabel guarantees the Undertaker that he will make his soul rest in peace.  Very boring segment, as there is not even the customary “lights going out and gong sound” that is typical of most Undertaker feuds in this era, but who would have thought that the two worst guys on the team would propel the company into the Attitude Era. 

Hendrix urges fans to buy a Survivor Series t-shirt.  Get yours for $16 (plus shipping & handling)!

Goldust (2-0) pins Bob Holly (14-10-1) after an inverted suplex at 5:03:

Holly, who is reportedly not happy with his usage on television, has only wrestled once since September 30 and that was in the RAW battle royal to determine a top contender for the Intercontinental title.  During the match Bam Bam Bigelow says that he will see if Goldust can walk the walk in their singles match at Survivor Series.  Goldust’s string of unimpressive matches continues here as he swallows Holly up for much of the match and finishes with an inverted suplex, which McMahon calls the Curtain Call.  A later version of the move would take a different form.  Rating:  ½*

The Shawn Michaels video package that aired on RAW is shown here.

Ahmed Johnson (1-0) defeats Scott D’Amore after the Pearl River Plunge at 2:04:

Just like RAW, Ahmed shrugs off D’Amore’s jobberific offense and proceeds to bring the pain with a stiff clothesline, spinebuster, and Pearl River Plunge.  Even though the show is taped it is easy to see fans immediately jumping on the Ahmed train, noticeably impressed by his finisher.

Hendrix does another sell for Madison Square Garden next Saturday, noting that fans should bring canned goods for the needy, a promotion that the WWF is doing with WCBS-FM.  Henry Godwinn can barely pronounce Hunter-Hearst Helmsley’s full name in a promo where he discusses his love of slop.  Hendrix lets fans know that Savio Vega and Goldust will also be in action in the Garden next week.

Wind howls in a cemetery somewhere as Paul Bearer says that it is time for the Royals to rest in peace.  The Undertaker promises vengeance at Survivor Series.

Tune in next week to see the Smoking Gunns defend their tag team titles against Skip and Rad Radford!

The Last Word:  The Undertaker promo at the end of the show was a lot of fun because of a soft music overlay and the setting they chose for it.  However, the rest of the broadcast was a waste of time, littered with squashes so big names could be seen in one last bid to get fans to buy Survivor Series.

The company did not run any house shows in the week before Survivor Series but was a news item about the company’s talent prior to the pay-per-view (courtesy of the November 17 Wrestling Observer):

*Vince McMahon did a heel promo for the United States Wrestling Association’s (USWA) November 18 television show because fans were cheering for Ahmed Johnson when he beat Jerry Lawler for the Unified title on November 6.  The goal of the promo was to get fans to boo Ahmed in the eventual rematch because Ahmed is a WWF talent.

Up Next:  Survivor Series!