WWF Superstars of Wrestling – September 7th, 1991

September 7, 1991

From the Rochester War Memorial in Rochester, NY

We have a new opening montage with a lot of Sid Justice shots and Virgil holding the Million Dollar Title belt. The Ultimate Warrior has been completely removed.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper.

This week, we will see footage from the Randy Savage/Elizabeth wedding reception. Also in action are Virgil, The Bushwhackers, and The Warlord. Plus, Irwin R. Schyster on the “Funeral Parlor” and more.


Texas Tornado vs. Bubba Monroe

Vince tells us that Savage is still at home tending to Elizabeth. Tornado looks smaller and with the testing its not a surprise. Piper once again tells us how nice of a person Tornado is but you do not want to piss him off. Vince asks Piper if his views on Sgt. Slaughter has changed and Piper responds with spitting sounds. Tornado is in an insert promo also calling out Slaughter for being a traitor and suggests he stays in seclusion. Tornado works over Monroe and puts him away with the Tornado Punch (2:23).

Thoughts: Most of this focus was on Slaughter as they are trying to get a little bit of sympathy on him now with Vince asking Piper if his views have changed. Tornado’s gimmick is now that of a nice guy who you should not cross.


We are now shown the wedding reception as Gene Okerlund leads a toast. They show us some dull stuff like the first dance and the cake cutting ceremony. They are now shown opening presents as Elizabeth shrieks and falls after opening up a box that contained a snake. We then see The Undertaker and Paul Bearer enter as Undertaker whacks Savage with the urn. Jake then takes a snake and heads towards Elizabeth but Sid grabs a chair and runs them off. We have now seen this footage. Jake did fantastic and Elizabeth was always able to act scared so it came off well.


Skinner vs. Scott Summers

Vince says Elizabeth is still suffering from the trauma and talks about what Jake is capable of doing. Skinner beats on Summers as Vince says his trademark “most unique individual” line about Skinner. Summers gets dumped outside and Skinner beats him down. We now hear Skinner in an insert promo saying he will skin his way to the top and start with The Dragon as he holds up a tiny lizard. The action heads back inside where Skinner hits a gordbuster before getting the win with an inverted DDT (2:09).

Thoughts: We now have a Skinner/Steamboat feud for the midcard. Or lower midcard to be exact. When Dragon came back to the WWF he was told by Vince his push would start slow then he’d go up to the main event. Well, after four months he got his first feud and its with Skinner. He would be gone in less than two months.


Virgil vs. Chris Duffy

Duffy attacks Virgil from behind and rakes the eyes. Virgil comes back with some jabs after a hip toss then fires away in the corner. Vince credits Piper for putting some meanness into Virgil as Duffy gets tossed outside. Virgil flies out with a plancha then tosses Duffy inside and hits a slam as Vince says Ted DiBiase is planning a strategy to reclaim his belt. Virgil looks into the camera and says he hopes that DiBiase is watching before he puts Duffy away with the Million Dollar Dream (2:28).

Thoughts: The Virgil/DiBiase feud continues with DiBiase trying to reclaim his belt.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We are shown a clip from last week’s “Funeral Parlor” with Bobby Heenan telling Hulk Hogan he is nothing compared to the real world’s champion, Ric Flair. Heenan also badmouthed Piper, who came down to confront Heenan and state that Hogan is the one real champion before saying “I scare Flair.” This ends with Piper spitting on the belt then at Heenan saying he’d do the same to Flair himself. According to the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” Piper requested to come out of retirement in order to feud with Flair before Flair and Hogan had their program.


Kerry Davis vs. The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji

Piper tells us Heenan started by shooting his mouth off and that he will not let anyone come in and run him down as Vince breaks the news that Flair will be a guest this week on “Prime Time Wrestling.” Berzerker boots Davis in the face as Piper continues to talk about Flair. Berzerker then throws Davis over the top rope and gets the win via countout (2:27).

Thoughts: The big news is that Flair will finally appear on WWF programming.


The Bushwhackers vs. Duane Gill & Barry Hardy

We hear from The Beverly Brothers in an insert promo as they say it does not take a genius to beat The Bushwhackers but it does take a genius to figure out what is inside of their heads before we see The Genius introduced as their new manager. Butch puts his hat on referee Tim White’s head then marches around the ring as Piper says that The Genius is underrated and The Bushwhackers might be in trouble. Gill accidentally clotheslines Hardy outside then gets dumped himself. The Bushwhackers maintain control and march around the ring until they put Gill away with a double gutbuster (3:44).

Thoughts: Coach is officially done with the company and the Beverly Brothers have a new manager. Since the Beverly Brothers have been acting more conceited of late this pairing actually makes some sense.


Funeral Parlor with guest Irwin R. Schyster. IRS give us a line about death and taxes then Bearer asks him about Big Bossman. Bearer says its not law and order to cuff someone and beat them in the ring as IRS says Bossman is a tax cheat and even worse, a “hick cop on the take,” before saying he will personally make sure Bossman does hard time. Woof, this promo from IRS sucked. Bossman is over at least but the IRS gimmick is already tiresome.


We see a clip of Bret Hart defeating Mr. Perfect for the Intercontinental Title to plug the Coliseum Home Video SummerSlam release on September 26th.


The Warlord w/ Slick vs. Mark Thomas

Warlord tosses around Thomas as Vince tells us that Warlord wants to be the Intercontinental Champion. Warlord & Slick are shown in an insert promo as they promise to take the IC away from Bret. Warlord takes Thomas down with a knee lift and hits a delayed vertical suplex as the announcers talk about Sid and the Undertaker. Warlord stays in control then puts on the full nelson for the win (2:44).

Thoughts: Since Perfect is out due to injury they replaced him with The Warlord on the house show circuit. We also had more talk about the Sid/Taker feud.


In action next week are The Undertaker, Irwin R. Schyster, Jim Neidhart, and the Natural Disasters. Plus, an interview with Hulk Hogan along with more footage from the wedding reception with comments from Jake Roberts and Sid Justice.


Final Thoughts: The big news here was footage of the wedding reception. Also, Hogan will be making his first TV appearance since SummerSlam next week, likely addressing Ric Flair coming to the WWF. And they are doing something with Slaughter that we will see more of in the coming weeks.


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