Backstage Atmosphere

I read a current interview with Kevin Nash who stated Vince told him recently that “theres no fire in the locker room anymore, it used to be a shark pit here”. And I also just read a interview where Drew Mcintyre said the locker room is too laid back now, too many people are “happy just to be here”. My question is what would be better? A tense, backstage atmosphere or a locker room full of “happy and im getting paid well” guys. There could be pros and cons to each.

​Yeah, there's a weird cult mentality to the guys now who think WWE is the only way to be a big star, and that it doesn't matter what they get paid because they're just grateful for the job.  It's like a WWE plot come to life.  I preferred the old days of someone like Rick Rude getting tired of the conditions and just going elsewhere, personally.  ​