WWF Superstars of Wrestling – August 31st, 1991

August 31, 1991

From the Worcester Centrum in Worcester, MA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper. We learn something happened at the Savage/Elizabeth Wedding Reception as Piper goes off on a rant about Jake Roberts and says Sid Justice saved the situation from getting worse.

This week in action are Big Bossman, Ted DiBiase, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Plus, Bobby Heenan as guest on the “Funeral Parlor” and a SummerSlam Report.


Big Bossman vs. Barry Hardy

The announcers remain disgusted at what Jake did at the reception as Bossman boots down Hardy. Vince hopes that Savage will be able to join them next week as he is caring for Elizabeth. We hear from IRS in an insert promo as he says Bossman is an even bigger tax cheat than Piper and calls out Bossman for hiding behind a badge. Bossman stays in control of the match then puts Hardy away with a sidewalk slam (2:06).

Thoughts: The announcers talked more about this despicable act Jake committed at the reception. We are now going to get an IRS/Bossman feud as the Piper/IRS stuff has been severely downplayed the past few weeks and ended up getting dropped.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund. We are shown clips of the “Match Made in Hell” and managed to not show the Ultimate Warrior at all as he was already done with the company. The focus was on Sid celebrating with Hulk Hogan after the match. We then learn about Virgil winning the Million Dollar Title and see The Mountie get hauled off to jail along with the other title changes (Bret Hart winning the IC Title and Legion of Doom as the Tag Champs) before the Savage/Elizabeth wedding. However, we get still photos of the reception as Jake showed up with Paul Bearer and The Undertaker. Jake gave the newlyweds a snake inside of a box as a gift then got run off by Sid, who was wielding a chair. They are slowly telling us the complete story of the reception. Also, with Warrior gone, they had Sid take his place. It looks like Jake and Savage will be feuding as well as Sid and the Undertaker. Regarding Sid and Taker, Dave Meltzer noted in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” that some in the company were not pleased this feud happened so soon thinking it was a future money program down the line.


Ross Greenberg vs. Big Bully Busick w/ Harvey Whippleman

Vince says the producers told him we might have video footage of the wedding reception as Piper wants us to think if that happened to our wife. Busick clotheslines Greenberg then hammers away. Now, we hear from Harvey Whippleman with Busick in an insert promo telling us not to get in his way as he will make our lives miserable. The crowd starts a “Pee Wee” chant, as Whippleman somehow resembles Pee Wee Herman, then Busick uses the stump puller for the win (2:21). Vince then talks about Savage and says that he believes Savage will ask President Jack Tunney to be reinstated in order to get revenge on Jake.

Thoughts: They are still trying to establish Whippleman more than Busick. However, the big news was learning we might be able to see video footage of the wedding reception and that Savage could ask Tunney for reinstatement.


Vince plugs the “Bodybuilding Lifestyles” magazine with Mike Christian on the cover and an article on Gary Strydom. Bet that edition sold like hotcakes.


British Bulldog vs. Brian Donohue

Vince asks Piper if he thinks Slaughter got what he deserved as Piper says no because he is a traitor and will always be one. Bulldog uses a chinlock as Vince says there is little sympathy of Slaughter as Piper said there should never be any at all. Bulldog goes back to the chinlock as Vince tells us that Lou Ferrigno has signed with the WBF then Bulldog uses a running powerslam for the win (2:23). After the match, Vince said Bulldog will return home in October during the European Tour.

Thoughts: A few things here. The Slaughter comments were really interesting as they appear to be doing something new with him now that his feud with Hogan has ended. And if you’ve noticed the company showing fans in the crowd on TV wearing his shirt a few weeks before the PPV you can piece together the puzzle. Also, Vince announced that Ferrigno is signed to the WBF but in reality that never happened as a deal could not be reached. And the company is going back to Europe in October. I will be recapping the Battle Royal at Albert Hall and the 10/5 Barcelona show.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Mario Mancini

DiBiase is pissed off over losing his Million Dollar Belt at SummerSlam as Vince says the ref elected to order Sherri backstage at SummerSlam after she interfered rather than rule the match a DQ. DiBiase beats the crap out of Mancini then puts him away with the Million Dollar Dream (2:30).

Thoughts: DiBiase is pissed after losing his Million Dollar Belt to his former bodyguard and vowing to recapture his possession.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Phil Apollo

The announcers talk about the trauma Elizabeth suffered at her reception then wish her a speedy recovery. They both thank Sid Justice for saving the day as Valentine beats on Apollo. Piper says he can see the future and refers to Sid as Samson from the bible. Apollo fights back but whiffs on a dropkick then Valentine slaps on the figure four and gets the win (2:32).

Thoughts: This match was a backdrop for the announcers to talk more about what happened at the wedding reception.


Funeral Parlor with guest Bobby Heenan, who comes out in a suit while holding the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Heenan wants us all to see the belt that belongs to the real world’s champion, Ric Flair. Heenan thinks Hogan’s belt is cheap and not in the same class as Flair. Heenan then talks about Flair winning the WWF World Heavyweight Title and rags on Piper, who is first pissed then he smiles and heads down to the parlor. Piper tells Heenan there is just one champion and that’s Hogan as we cut to the crowd cheering. Piper then talks about how he “scares Flair” but Heenan said if Flair was his he’d make Piper shine the belt. Piper then takes the belt and spits on it before tossing it down. Piper then spits at Heenan and grabs his jacket and yells how the next time he spits on someone it will be at Flair. They’ve now set up two feuds for Flair when he finally debuts. One against Hogan and another against Piper. Heenan and Piper were both great in what has been the most noteworthy Funeral Parlor segment since Warrior was locked inside of the casket.


Tony Ricca vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Vince is briefly alone on commentary until Piper returns. Vince reminds Piper of his broadcast contract and that he will be fired if he has physical contact with any wrestler but Piper does not seem to care. Duggan back drops Ricca as Piper challenges Flair. Duggan is then shown in an insert promo saluting the hard-working Americans on Labor Day then he tosses Ricca outside. Duggan pulls up the floor mat and rams Ricca’s head off the floor then returns inside and hits the Three Point Stance for the win (1:37).

Thoughts: Looks like they are setting up something with Piper returning as a wrestler. Duggan’s new role is that of a patriotic spokesman for the company. He’s clearly phased down the card.


Beverly Brothers w/ Coach vs. Jim Powers & Tony Diamond

Piper talks about giving back to the kids with an “Activities League” run by the police as he knows what its like to sleep on the streets. Powers works over Blake to start. Diamond tags in and Blake beats him down before tagging out. Piper wants someone to get rid of Coach as Vince says that might happen because there is speculation he will not be around much longer after a spat with Mr. Perfect after SummerSlam. Piper then congratulates Bret Hart for becoming the Intercontinental Champion then gets angry at Jake then nearly kill Diamond with the Shaker Heights Spike (2:40).

Thoughts: The big news here is that Coach and Perfect had a spat that likely ended their alliance. And how this was worded by Vince shows you Coach would not be managing the Beverly Brothers either. Coach was an awful character (really one of the worst managers in WWF history) that they rightfully pulled the plug on after a couple of months.


Next week in action are The Warlord, The Bushwhackers, and Virgil. Plus, IRS as guest on the “Funeral Parlor” then Vince confirms we will get video footage of the wedding reception.


Final Thoughts: Huge show this week. They set up several post-SummerSlam feuds/angles and really played up what happened at the reception. Right now they have an exciting product after weeks of middling SummerSlam hype.


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