WWF 1991 SummerSlam

August 26, 1991

From Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Roddy Piper


The Dragon & Texas Tornado & British Bulldog vs. Warlord & Power & Glory w/ Slick

Roma decks Dragon then scoops him up for a slam. Roma then taunts the crowd after hitting a dropkick but comes off the top and Dragon takes him down with an arm drag. Dragon works the arm as the announcers talk about other matches on the show. Hercules tags as Dragon takes him down with a pair of arm drags. Tornado and Hercules mix it up for a bit with Tornado winning that battle. Bulldog and Warlord tag in as the crowd goes nuts for Bulldog taking down Warlord. Bulldog hits a vertical suplex but Warlord sends him flying on the kick out. Dragon is back in but Warlord blocks a monkey flip attempt as Slick’s men now cut off the ring. Roma mouths off at Tornado then Dragon uses a reverse rollup. Herc runs in with a clothesline but misses then Warlord runs in and takes down Dragon. That seemed like design so the ref would not see the illegal hit take place. Roma hits Dragon with a snap suplex for a two count then hits a pair of backbreakers. Dragon remains in trouble but has support from the crowd. Warlord tries to come off of the middle rope but spent too much time taunting the crowd and eats boot as Dragon finally tags out. Tornado starts punching everyone as things get clunky. Tornado makes a blind tag to Bulldog then the match breaks down and gets really messy. Roma is the legal man and Bulldog almost puts him away with the running powerslam then Steamboat tags and uses a flying body press for the win (10:42) **1/4.

Thoughts: The match was going along fine but really fell apart at the end. It was also the same formula from the match we saw at the “SummerSlam Spectacular” that saw the winning team here defeat The Orient Express. That match was better than this one. No one involved here had any sort of feud or real direction in the company heading into this match and half of those involved would be gone in a few months.


Gorilla plugs the “1-900-ATTACHED” number where you can talk to either Savage or Elizabeth before their wedding. It costs $1.49 for the first minute and $.99 each additional minute. Heenan thinks this is ridiculous and I agree. He even says it will cost a fortune to call.


Sean Mooney is backstage with Mr. Perfect & Coach. Perfect promises to make history tonight.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Mr. Perfect (c) w/ Coach

Bret’s parents, Stu & Helen, are shown in the crowd. Bret takes Perfect down with a hip toss after an Irish whip sequence as Perfect ducks out for a breather. Bret nearly puts Perfect away with a crucifix then works a headlock on the mat. Bret drags Perfect back down as Heenan cracks a bunch of jokes. Bret gets two with a crossbody and ends up outside after a kick out. Bret then slingshots back inside with a sunset flip for a two count before going back to the headlock. They now trade slams then Bret sends Perfect outside. Perfect now heads up the aisle with Coach but Bret drags him back into the ring. Gorilla notes that Perfect’s back might be hurt as Perfect stalls by ducking his head underneath the middle rope. Bret backs Perfect into the corner but gets hit with a cheap shot as Perfect finally takes control of the match. Perfect punts Bret then sends him outside. Bret is up on the apron but Perfect slingshots him off as Bret crashes into the guardrail and on top of a photographer. Bret heads back inside and fires away then almost gets the win with a reverse rollup. Perfect knocks Bret down then whips him into the corner and covers for two. Perfect then uses a few different pinning attempts but is still unable to put away Bret. Perfect knocks Bret outside with a dropkick as Coach blows his whistle. Both men are now fighting on the top rope as Perfect ends up falling down on top of Bret for a nearfall. Perfect slaps Bret around then tosses him by his hair as the camera cuts to Bret’s parents. Perfect now uses a sleeper but Bret is able to keep his arm up on the third hand raise. Bret tries for another crucifix but Perfect turns that into a Samoan Drop and gets two. Perfect whips Bret into the corner again and covers for two. Perfect now sets up for the Perfect Plex but Bret is able to kick out as Perfect is now irate with Coach stomping around and Heenan screaming on commentary about no one kicking out of that move. Bret catches Perfect with a pair of atomic drops then tosses him into the corner as Perfect slides crotch-first into the post. Bret hits a suplex for a nearfall then uses a small package for two. Leg sweep gets two. Bret goes up to the middle rope after a backbreaker then drops an elbow for two as Bret is now pissed at the ref. Perfect sneaks up from behind and uses a reverse rollup but Bret kicks out and in the process sends Perfect outside. Bret heads out to whip Perfect into the post then back inside he kicks out Perfect’s legs a few times. Bret tries for the Sharpshooter but Coach jumps up on the apron. Bret knocks Coach off as Heenan cannot believe a man wearing glasses got hit. Perfect crotches Bret and stays in control as the crowd starts a loud “Let’s Go Bret” chant. Perfect now hits a leg drop to the crotch and tries it again but Bret grabs his leg then turns that into a sharpshooter and gets the win (18:04) ****. Bret tears off Perfect’s singlet after the match as Perfect flees with Coach. We then see Lord Alfred Hayes with Stu then Bret comes over and gets hugged by his parents. Stu is asked how he feels and we hear some mumbling as Lord Alfred tells us its a very emotional time.

Thoughts: Bret’s first major WWF singles title win was a great moment. Having his parents in the crowd also added a bit to the drama. At the time, Perfect was badly hurt but still toughed it out but Bret did have to do most of the heavy lifting. People rate this match higher than I do and I originally felt it was somewhat overrated by those thinking its a classic. Maybe I still do but I liked this match a tad better than when I saw it a few years ago and its still worth going out of your way to see. If Perfect was in better health then I think we see an all-timer here as Bret himself said before the injury he was tearing it up with Perfect around the house show circuit.


A plug for the “Hulk Hogan: Real American Story” Hot Ticket PPV available in October.


The Bushwhackers & Andre the Giant are with Gene Okerlund. We are shown Earthquake attacking Andre then we get a generic promo from The Bushwhackers.


The Natural Disasters w/ Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers w/ Andre the Giant

Andre is in obvious pain but trying to put on a good face. The Disasters go out and point at Andre but the Bushwhackers sneak up and use eye pokes. The Bushwhackers celebrate with Andre for a bit then finally head inside. Butch bites Typhoon’s ass then the match breaks down with The Bushwhackers using Earthquake as a battering ram to take down Typhoon. They march around as the crowd cheers as the Disasters take a breather. Earthquake returns to beat down Butch but misses an elbow drop. Earthquake drags Butch  away from Luke then drops an elbow before tagging out. Typhoon hits a backbreaker as Heenan tells us Hogan has arrived and will go to his locker room as he leaves. Earthquake accidentally hits Typhoon then Butch tags out as Luke runs wild. The match breaks down with The Bushwhackers hit the battering ram on both men. Bushwhackers almost get a win after knocking Typhoon into Earthquake but the Disasters quickly regian control then Earthquake puts Luke away with a sit-down splash (6:27) *. After the match, Andre uses his crutch to ward off the Disasters then Legion of Doom arrive and run off The Disasters.

Thoughts: I was expecting a terrible match but this was perfectly fine. The goal was to establish the Natural Disasters and put them over and this match did just that. What we saw take place after the match made it obvious what would happen in the Tag Team Title match later on tonight.


Heenan is in front of Hogan’s dressing room door, promising to embarrass him. He then talks about challenging Hogan on behalf of Ric Flair but Hogan slams the door on his face as Heenan says Hogan would not do that if that was Flair himself. They are hinting strongly at a Hogan/Flair feud.


Another plug for the 1-900-ATTACHED number. We then see Savage talking to someone who called that number as he tells him he’s not going to disclose the honeymoon location.


Mooney is in the locker room with Ted DiBiase & Sensational Sherri. DiBiase laughs as we see all of the embarrassing tasks DiBiase made Virgil do in the past. DiBiase tells Virgil he has left him with one small token, his crying towel.


Yet another plug for the marriage number.


Million Dollar Title Match: “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Virgil

Virgil starts firing away to start. He clotheslines DiBiase over the top rope then heads out to ram his head off of the steps. Back inside, Virgil lands a few jabs before sending DiBiase back outside with an atomic drop. Heenan returns on commentary and gets teased with his fellow announcers as Virgil misses a pescado. DiBiase heads inside to break the count then tosses Virgil back inside after roughing him up. DiBiase hits a double axe handle off of the middle rope then starts taunting the crowd. DiBiase gets a nearfall with a powerslam as Piper is screaming for Virgil to get back up. Virgil catches DiBiase with the Million Dollar Dream but Sherri runs in to hit Virgil with her purse as the ref rings the bell with Piper begging for this not to be a DQ as the belt would not change hand. Finkel then tells us that the referee as every right to rule this match a DQ. However, he has ordered Sherri to head backstage and that the match will continue as the crowd cheers. Both men are down on the mat as the goof patrol of Rene Goulet & Tony Garea order Sherri backstage. Virgil then fires away and unloads on DiBiase in the corner. DiBiase reverses an Irish whip and sends Virgil into the referee. DiBiase slowly gets up as the camera shows Piper screaming for Virgil to get up. DiBiase hits a pair of suplexes as Heenan says he hopes Virgil did not do something stupid like put a down payment on a boom box. DiBiase hits another suplex and says he has another one for Piper as he hits a piledriver. DiBiase covers and counts as the ref is trying to get up. DiBiase then kicks the ref down and points at Piper before untying the turnbuckle pad. DiBiase tries for a turnbuckle smash but Virgil reverses and DiBiase hits the exposed steel. Both men are down as the ref finally gets up and starts counting. Virgil slowly crawls over to DiBiase then covers and gets the win (13:11) ***. The crowd goes mental as Virgil celebrates with the Million Dollar Title as Heenan tells us the next time we see that belt it will be hanging from the mirror of a 1979 Cadillac.

Thoughts: Whoever agented this match did a tremendous job. There was a lot of smoke-and-mirrors used to cover up Virgil’s lack of wrestling ability but the story of Virgil overcoming all odds to win the title from his former boss was great and DiBiase worked his ass off. The reaction to the win was just awesome and a great feel-good moment a big show needs.


Okerlund is with The Mountie & Jimmy Hart. We are shown clips of Mountie’s attack on Bossman a couple of months ago as Mountie tells Bossman the local hick cops will drag him to jail after their match tonight. He then orders the cops what to do to Bossman. Good stuff from The Mountie. Next, Bossman is with Mooney and tells Mountie to pray to god he makes it through tomorow morning because he’s spending the night in jail.


Jailhouse Match: The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Big Bossman

Mountie runs his mouth and gets dropped with a right hand. Mountie fights back but Bossman cuts him off then catches him with a back elbow smash. Bossman gets two with a splash and stays on control. Mountie thumbs Bossman in the eye but gets caught coming off the middle rope as Bossman takes him down with a spinebuster. Hart distracts Bossman then Bossman heads out only for Mountie to attack him from behind. Bossman is shoved into the steps then Mountie rolls him back inside and goes to work. Mountie whips Bossman into the corner as Hart taunts the fans by yelling through his megaphone. The Mountie slows things down with his “control techniques” then hits a dropkick for a two count. Mountie heads out and drapes Bossman over the apron where he knocks him outside. Back inside, Mountie cuts off Bossman then bites his forehead. Mountie tries for a piledriver and finally hits it but can only get two. Hart now distracts the ref as Mountie tries to use the cattle prod but Bossman fights him off. Bossman uppercuts Mountie after sliding through a leap frog then catches Mountie with a sidewalk slam but that only gets two. Mountie trips up Bossman then tries for another piledriver but Bossman turns that into an Alabama Slam and gets the win (9:38) **. After the match, Bossman waves down the police and holds Mountie so they can cuff him. We are then shown Mountie get dragged through the locker room and right into the paddy wagon.

Thoughts: As a match it was not special at all. The Mountie was good when selling but the match dragged when he was on offense. However, what followed was brilliant. The Mountie himself said that he enjoyed the Bossman feud the most out of anything in his career and it showed with his character work on this show.


Okerlund is now with an irate DiBiase & Sherri. DiBiase calls this the biggest rip off and accuses Virgil of stealing the Million Dollar Title.


Mooney is now with new Intercontinental Champion, Bret Hart. Bret tells Perfect he was not good enough and puts over how great it is to be champion.


Jimmy Hart is with the Natural Disasters and wants his lawyers on the phone as Mountie got ripped off. The Disasters promise to eat up and spit out the LoD for interfering in their business.


Bossman is backstage with Mooney and calls Mountie a “jailbird” and a criminal. Bossman says he is the law and order.


Okerlund walks into Savage’s locker room as he is on the phone with someone from the 1-900 number. Okerlund then says he’ll walk over to see Elizabeth but Savage pulls him back and asks him to stay and talk on the phone.


After the five minute intermission, we are shown The Mountie arrive to jail. Mountie is screaming about how they cannot do this to him and reads the Miranda rights himself while screaming how he is the Mountie. Great stuff.


Jimmy Hart is with the Nasty Boys. He says his lawyers are at the police station now then Nasty Boys run down the LoD to hype up their match.


Back to the police station as he screams about getting his mugshot then we cut back to Jimmy as he is beside himself.


Okerlund is with the LoD, who promise to take the Tag Team Titles. They also talk about evening up the odds after the Natural Disasters went after Andre then promise to go after them once they win tonight.


The cops are trying to get The Mountie’s fingerprints as we get a great bit with Mountie’s “you want the finger, I’ll give you the finger” as he briefly flips off  the cops.


We see the Triangle of Terror with Okerlund and say their match will be easier than they thought and might have one more surprise.


Sid Justice is now shown with Okerlund. He is asked where he stands and Sid declares he will serve justice. Okerlund then shows us Sid talking with the Triangle of Terror before the show but Sid said they approached him and he did not promise them anything. They are really hinting that Sid might be siding with the Triangle of Terror but so much so that its likely a swerve.


No Disqualification Match For the WWF Tag Team Titles: Nasty Boys (c) w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Legion of Doom

The LoD immediately attack the Nasty Boys. They brawl on the outside then inside Animal almost puts Knobbs away with a powerbomb as Sags makes the save. The Nasty Boys beat on Hawk then Sags hits him with a tray of drinks. This now settles down into a regular match as the ref is ordering Knobbs away from the corner and Animal back to the apron. Heenan tells us his “staff member” told him that Sid is not in his dressing room. The Nasty Boys cut off the ring then Sags drops an elbow from the top but Animal makes the save on the pin attempt. Knobbs tries to come off the top but Hawk gets his foot up then Animal tags in and runs wild. The match breaks down then Hart tosses in the helmet. Sags nearly hits Knobbs but stops himself and whacks Animal on the back of the head. Animal kicks out then Hawk heads out and kicks the helmet out of Hart’s hands and uses it to hit both members of the Nasty Boys then the LoD hit Sags with the Doomsday Device for the win and the Tag Team Titles (7:45) **1/4.

Thoughts: The work here was good but having the ref keep ordering Animal back to the apron when it was No DQ did not make sense. Anyway, they already have a feud for LoD after what happened earlier with the Natural Disasters while the Nasty Boys will slide down the card.


Back at the police station we see The Mountie scream and try to run away before being locked inside of the jail cell.


We get an ad for the Survivor Series, which will take place on Thanksgiving Eve, November 27th.


Irwin R. Schyster vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

Before the match, IRS tells the crowd to stop pointing fingers and crying when it comes to paying taxes. Valentine looks thrilled during his entrance. Valentine runs over IRS, who takes a short breather in the corner. He does it again as the announcers remind us Virgil is the new Million Dollar Champion and that The Mountie is in jail. IRS bails after getting clotheslined as Gorilla tells us there is a rumor that Jake Roberts & The Undertaker have been seen at Madison Square Garden. IRS returns and lands a few shots but Valentine comes back with a sunset flip for a two count. IRS bails after Valentine hits a slam but this time Valentine heads out to roll IRS back inside but gets stomped when he returns. IRS puts on an abdominal stretch and grabs the ropes for leverage. Valentine escapes with a hip toss but IRS catches him with a clothesline then drops an elbow for two. IRS applies a chinlock as Gorilla doesn’t understand why no one has grabbed IRS’s tie. IRS heads up top after hitting a backbreaker as Heenan tells us that Sid has now returned to his dressing room. Valentine slams IRS off the top rope then fires away. IRS misses a charge as Valentine targets the leg. Valentine puts on the figure four but IRS is able to reach the ropes. Valentine pulls IRS off of the ropes then tries for an elbow drop and misses. Valentine is able to use a shinbreaker and signals again for the figure four but IRS catches him with a small package for the win (7:07) 1/2*.

Thoughts: It was obvious from the start that IRS would win since he is getting a push on TV. However, this match was terrible. Valentine visibly looked pissed off that he had to do the job and IRS’s in-ring work was just awful and did not generate any heat.


Another ad for the Hulk Hogan “Hot Ticket” PPV.


Okerlund is now with Hogan & Warrior. Hogan says he has been waiting for the same rush he felt after winning the World Heavyweight Title on January 23rd, 1984 and now has those feelings and emotions. He also says they must rid the WWF of Slaughter and his men before they change the course of history. Okerlund mentions how Warrior has been through hell while Warrior promises that Hogan and himself will leave the battle the same as they walked in while both men give us some more of their usual jibberish.


Match Made in Hell with Special Guest Referee Sid Justice: Sgt. Slaghter & Gen. Adnan & Col. Mustafa vs. Ultimate Warrior & Hogan

Piper can attest to how strong Hogan is because he fought him many times but Heenan says the real world’s champion Ric Flair will make Hogan surrender. Slaughter has his belt ready to hit Hogan but Sid takes it away and tosses it outside. Hogan and Slaughter lock up then Slaughter lands some crappy punches in the corner. Hogan reverses an Irish whip and almost sends Slaughter up and over in the corner. Hogan and Warrior ping-pong Slaughter with punches then hit a double clothesline. Hogan & Warrior continue to work over Slaughter but the crowd is not into the match. Sid backs Hogan off Slaughter in the corner after he refuses to break then does it again but as that happens, Slaughter sneaks in with an eye poke. Slaughter uses cheap heel tactics n Hogan then takes a swing at Warrior, who managed to duck out of the way. Adnan now comes in and rakes the back then has Mustafa tag in and help him out. Mustafa locks on the Camel Clutch but Warrior breaks that up with a kick to the back of the head. Slaughter tags in and gets two with a backbreaker then chokes out Hogan in the corner until Sid backs him off. Slaughter then whips Hogan into Sid as those two square off until Slaughter attacks Hogan from behind. Adnan is back in for more back rakes then tags right out. Slaughter climbs up top but Warrior shoves him off as Slaughter goes across the ring. Warrior tags in and runs wild as the crowd gives this a lukewarm response. Warrior inadvertently runs into Sid and they stare each other down then Hogan comes over but that allows the Triangle of Terror to attack from behind. Warrior blocks a suplex from Mustafa and hits one of his own as both men are down. Slaughter tags as the Triangle of Terror runs interference to keep control of the match. Warrior comes back to clothesline Hogan as both men are down again. The crowd starts to get into the match as Hogan rallies them Warrior finally makes the tag. Hogan runs wild on everyone then the match breaks down. Warrior grabs a chair and chases Adnan & Mustafa up the aisle as Sid watches and as that happens, Hogan throws powder in Slaughter’s face then hits a leg drop for the win (12:38) *. After the match, the announcers want to know where everyone went as Hogan celebrates. Hogan now motions towards the locker room as we see Sid stick is head out of the curtain. Sid comes out as Hogan rips off his referee shirt then the two pose together.

Thoughts: The most interesting thing about this match is what took place behind the scenes. According to Slaughter, Warrior threw a fit in the locker room an hour before the match and demanded $500,000 or else he would not do the match. Slaughter & Hogan actually brought up shooting on Warrior but Vince told them that he was going pay Warrior then immediately fire him after the show. Slaughter also said that Warrior demanded to go out last but Vince did not give into that demand. You can tell something was up with Warrior chasing off Adnan & Mustafa at the end and not coming out to celebrate the win. They had Sid replace Warrior as the #2 babyface at the end of the match. This also changed planned feuds that I will get into during the next syndicated TV shows. The next day, the WWF announced Warrior was suspended for 90 days due to “unprofessional conduct” but the word was out he was likely going to be fired. The match itself was poor and not worthy of a main event. It was slow and plodding. Adnan & Mustafa were a joke as part of a main event match.


Back to jail where The Mountie is screaming for a phone call. He keeps telling one of his cell mates to get away then we get a biker-looking guy with an effeminate voice who asks Mountie if he likes how leather feels against his body. Mountie then screams to get let out of the cell. 1991 WWF gave us light-hearted prison rape jokes.


We get a video package to hype up the “Match Made in Heaven” complete with a video montage.


Now its time for the marriage. The ring ropes have been removed and a stage has been set up in the ring. The best man comes out and is followed by the flower girl, ring bearer (some kid jokingly referred to as a midget by Heenan) and maid of honor. Elizabeth then comes out by herself. Savage and Elizabeth then exchange vows and become married. It was boring to watch and did not appear to get over live.


Final Thoughts: Despite the subpar hype on TV, this show sold out and did deliver and was entertaining to watch. One thing I liked about 1991 PPV’s up at this point were the show-long storylines that took place. It made it more entertaining than having boring filler matches. The Mountie vignettes were awesome but my one complaint is that the two main event segments did not deliver. However, on TV we would see the fallout of the marriage and what to expect going forward. I do recommend this show.