Smackdown on Fox

If you're Fox, do you want to:

a) Maintain the brand split? The pro is that you have an “exclusive” roster. The con is that you only get 40% of the roster, and history has shown that Vince treasures his Monday Night baby.

b) Be live? Audiences prefer a live show, but unless the show runs at 11 pm Eastern the west coast is always going to have a pre-taped show anyway.

c) Run the show on FS1 during programming conflicts (baseball postseason, Pac-12 championship game), run the show on another night that week (Thursday Smackdown Thursday!) or just preempt the show?

​a)  I think they're gonna end it so that all the big guns can be on both shows.  Imagine if they paid a billion for UFC and then were told George St. Pierre will only be on shows on the other network?
b) For what they're paying, I think they'll finance the live show.
c)  Probably just pre-empt it.