Curtain Call importance

May 19th was the anniversary of the Curtain Call at msg. Meltzer said on twitter that it's importance is revisionist history, but if it's true that HHH was punished by losing his KOTR 96 opportunity and thus Austin 3:16 wins and begins his rise… coupled with the debut of Hall on nitro just a week later; can't the Curtain Call be viewed in a historic lens as a game changer for the industry?

Curtain Call leads to Austin winning KOTR, while NWO rises, which fuels Attitude Era, Austin vs Bret and Triple H and Shawn to start DX. Am I overstating it, or is Dave right that it's all revisionist history

​Everyone knows the most important thing that happened was HHH driving a tank up to 1 CNN Center on RAW and turning around the war.  Everything else is just propaganda.
Regardless, what Dave is talking about is people who act like “OMG KAYFABE WAS SHATTERED” which is ridiculous because Vince and Linda literally testified before numerous commissions in the 80s that wrestling is 100% staged, not to mention the steroid trials. Also not to mention that “Austin 3:16” is itself revisionist history.  Winning KOTR did exactly jackshit for Austin's career in the immediate aftermath, it was Bret Hart campaigning for working with him at Survivor Series, and the character promos that followed, that turned him into a star.  ​