A question I’m not sure you’ll know the answer too.

Hey Scott,

  Reading about how WWE is getting huge money for their t.v. shows from NBC and Fox, and with ratings that keep slowly getting smaller and smaller, why are the networks so willing to spend so much to get a wrestling show?
​Because for as fast as the wrestling business might be moving downwards in the past few years, the TV business is plummeting even faster thanks to cord-cutting and streaming services, and traditional TV networks are getting really desperate.  The biggest buzzword is “DVR proof”, which means live sports programming, and that's the category in which WWE finds itself due to some shrewd branding on their part over the years. 
It's a really strange and wild west time for the business, because if the numbers thrown around for the new USA/FOX deals hold true, then WWE can literally abandon house shows, merchandise sales, and even the WWE Network and PPV and still be insanely profitable.  It literally won't matter how the champions are or who wins or loses, as long as they can keep pumping out content.  ​