Trips and Billy

It's common knowledge that Triple H is a huge fan of the National Wrestling Alliance. They tried to purchase the NWA Houston Wrestling tape library in 2015 and even went as far as allegedly firing the woman executive who failed to obtain it in the negotiations. Then again in 2016 when Triple H met with Bruce Tharpe and tried to buy it.

Fast forward to 2018 and Billy Corgan now owning the NWA and Paul Boesch's Houston tape library. Do you think there's any way they buy it from Billy Corgan and give him creative control?

They get the tape library, they get the NWA championship they could eventually use for a physical Hall of Fame, and they get a creative guy in Billy Corgan. They couldn't just give him a 30 minute weekly NWA show from Full Sail to do his own thing? Scrap 205 Live and give him all those guys plus some developmental talent.

Ugh, no.  What has Corgan even done with the NWA name to warrant that kind of treatment?  Anyone dumb enough to lend their own money to Dixie Carter is clearly the worst kind of money mark.  HHH should just play the long game and wait until he burns through all his assets and comes knocking on WWE's door looking to sell.  Then they can lowball him like Mr. Burns negotiating with the Germans.