NWO Booking/Other

Hey Scott, was listening to an interview with Kevin Nash, I know, terrible wrestler, even worse booker, but I have to ask. Eric Bischoff takes alot of credit for the NWO, but Nash stated that Greg Gagne was the major force for the NWO, and the gimmick in Japan. Why is this not brought up more? Nash also brought up Sullivan being a genius in booking. What are your thoughts?

Also, who do feel is the first tweener? The first off the top of my head is Nash when he turned on Bret at the rumble. Right after that in interviews he would say if you had glove you get a fist bump, if no, you get nothing. Not a heel in the sense, especially back them.

​Sullivan was always a solid booker, but I don't know that “Genius” is a word I'd use to describe him.  He leaned fairly heavily on the cult stuff in territories he booked.  
And I've always thought “Tweener” is kind of a dumb term.  By the standard definition of the term, though, someone like Flair who feuded simultaneously with heels and babyfaces in the 80s would have to be the answer.  Or even Lou Thesz, who was a “rough babyface”.  ​