What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – November 11, 1995

A video package shows the outcome of the Smoking Gunns-Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid match at In Your House 4 and how the Kid apologized to the Gunns later.  Razor and the Kid warn the Gunns that they are coming after them in today’s rematch.

Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler, and Jim Ross are today’s broadcasters and this is the third of four taped episodes from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Owen Hart (w/Jim Cornette) (6-4-1) defeats Angel DeGuera via submission to the Sharpshooter at 2:16:

DeGuera was a Canadian talent that was trained by El Fuego.  He bumps well for Owen in this squash, which allows the commentators to talk about the Wild Card match at the Survivor Series.

Dok Hendrix’s Slam Jam segment hypes the upcoming Meadowlands show where Diesel and Shawn Michaels face Owen Hart and Yokozuna in a lumberjack match.  Hendrix says that Michaels has been woozy after some recent matches.  Jim Cornette yells that Owen and Yokozuna are ready to dish out some major punishment on the company’s top babyface talents on the house show circuit.

Rad Radford is shown backstage having problems doing push ups with Bertha Faye on his back.  Skip is having an easier time with Sunny weighing him down.

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Rad Radford (9-3) beats Barry Horowitz (4-15) after a schoolboy rollup at 7:29 shown:

The Skip-Horowitz feud has not gotten a lot of attention in recent months, but this seems like a weak effort to revive it because McMahon announces that Horowitz will captain an “Underdogs” team to face Skip’s “Bodydonnas” squad at Survivor Series.  The Bodydonnas eventually come out to give Radford some moral support and Ross tells fans that Waylon Mercy has retired.  Both men have some good back and forth after a slow start and Horowitz gets a visual pin on Radford with a cradle that would theoretically end the match, but Sunny distracts the referee.  Skip then squirts water in Horowitz’s eyes and Radford rolls Horowitz up for the win.  This signaled the end of the Horowitz push as he was made to look like a fool on RAW and ate a pin, albeit unclean, against the lowly Radford.  Rating:  **

Footage of Ahmed Johnson slamming Yokozuna two weeks ago on RAW is shown.

WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns say that they have “roped and steered” Ramon and the Kid once and they will gladly do it again.

Highlights of the Bret Hart & Hakushi-Jerry Lawler & Isaac Yankem match on RAW are shown.

The Undertaker warns Isaac Yankem that aligning with the Royals was a bad idea and has made him a marked man at the Survivor Series.

Isaac Yankem (3-2) pins Dave Dalton after the DDS at 1:59:

Yankem mercifully makes quick work of Dalton, thereby making this an upgrade over his previous squash efforts.  McMahon and Ross are more interested in hyping the house show circuit than calling the match.

A video package recaps the Hunter-Hearst Helmsley-Hunter Godwinn feud because both men are scheduled to face

Ross interviews Jim Cornette, the British Bulldog, Ted DiBiase, and Sid, who is sporting a very 1990s-style windbreaker jacket.  The Bulldog says that he is not afraid of Ahmed Johnson and will not hesitate to drop him at Survivor Series in the Wild Card match.  DiBiase reminds Shawn Michaels that he had Sid betray him in the past, while Sid screams about how a “wild card” is up his alley.  DiBiase and Sid warn Cornette not to cross them during the match since Owen Hart and Yokozuna are booked on the other team.

Barry Didinski tries to get fans to buy a 1996 WWF calendar, which has Diesel on the cover, something that is funny sinc he would be gone from the company by May.  You can also get some Diesel sunglasses and gloves for $21 (plus shipping & handling)!

WWF Tag Team Championship Match:  The Smoking Gunns (Champions) (25-3-1) beat Razor Ramon & the 1-2-3 Kid (1-2) via disqualification when Ramon breaks up too many falls at 7:08 shown:

Despite being the tag team champions, the Gunns do not have a match booked for Survivor Series.  Based on their past problems with Mabel, they would have been a good fit for the Dark Side faction with the Undertaker, but the Dead Man is only interested in partnering with his BSK friends.  The Kid gets a hot tag after the commercial break but is completely dominated by the Gunns, keeping up with the main storyline of how he is the weak link in his relationship with Ramon.  Ramon has to keep bailing the Kid out from pinfalls and after Ramon breaks up a pin after a double powerbomb, referee Earl Hebner finally disqualifies him.  After the match, Ramon tries to help the Kid to his feet, but the Kid blows him off and walks to the locker room.  For their part, the Gunns are on a roll in the tag division as this match constitutes their twelfth straight victory.  Rating:  **

Hendrix keeps selling the Meadowlands show, noting how Bret Hart wants revenge against the British Bulldog for SummerSlam ’92.  He reminds fans that the Undertaker is getting a WWF title shot on November 25 at Madison Square Garden.  The Undertaker and Paul Bearer are excited about getting a title shot, which they say has been a long time coming.

A camera catches up with Ramon and the Kid backstage.  The Kid slams the locker room door in the face of the cameraman.

Tune in next week to see Goldust face Bob Holly!  Also, Savio Vega and Ahmed Johnson are in action!  And there will be a special interview with the Royals!

The Last Word:  The Razor-Kid storyline continued on this show and appears headed for a climax on RAW when the Kid will be the special referee for the announced Razor Ramon-Sid Intercontinental title match.  It is a shame that their match with the Gunns did not get more television time, but that match was primarily about angle development than putting on a memorable encounter.  Next week’s card looks awful, though, as Superstars will limp into Survivor Series instead of wrapping up the Saskatchewan tapings with a bang.

The WWF’s final round of house shows before Survivor Series took it back into the Northeast.  Here were the results of some of those cards (courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com):

Columbus, Ohio – Convention Center – November 8, 1995 (1,800):  Savio Vega beat Jean-Pierre LaFitte with a small package…Fatu beat the Brooklyn Brawler after a top rope splash…Ahmed Johnson beat Rad Radford with a Pearl River Plunge…Bob Backlund defeated Bob Holly via submission to the crossface chicken wing.  After the match, Backlund refused to release the hold until Marty Jannetty made the save…Goldust pinned Marty Jannetty after a Curtain Call…Hunter-Hearst Helmsley beat Henry Godwinn in a slop bucket match with the Flair pin…Isaac Yankem defeated Bam Bam Bigelow with the DDS after Bigelow missed a flying headbutt…Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon pinned Owen Hart with a small package.  The 1-2-3 Kid was the guest referee.  After the match, Owen hit Ramon and the Kid with the Intercontinental title.  When Ramon went to help the Kid to his feet, the Kid shoved him away…WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated Sid & Kama when Billy pinned Kama with a roll up…Diesel, Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels beat Yokozuna, the British Bulldog & King Mabel when Michaels pinned Mabel after Sweet Chin Music after Yokozuna accidentally splashed Mabel.

Long Island, New York – Nassau Coliseum – November 10, 1995 (5,400):  Fatu beat Rad Radford…Hakushi defeated Sir Mo…Ahmed Johnson defeated Skip…Goldust beat Marty Jannetty…WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated Kama & Jean-Pierre LaFitte (this would be LaFitte’s last WWF match)…Isaac Yankem beat Henry Godwinn…Owen Hart pinned Bam Bam Bigelow in 8:30 when he lifted his shoulder out of a back suplex pinning situation.  After the bell, Bigelow tossed Owen to the floor…Hunter-Hearst Helmsley defeated Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon via disqualification after the 1-2-3 Kid interfered…Diesel, Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels beat Yokozuna, the British Bulldog & King Mabel at 11:38 when Michaels pinned Mabel after Sweet Chin Music.  Bob Backlund was the guest referee.  After the match, Diesel went to stop Backlund from attacking Bret but accidentally struck the Hitman in the back of the head, sparking an argument between the two.

East Rutherford, New Jersey – The Meadowlands – November 12, 1995 (3,500):  Fatu beat Skip…Ahmed Johnson defeated Rad Radford…Hakushi beat Aldo Montoya…Savio Vega defeated Isaac Yankem…Hunter-Hearst Helmsley, King Mabel & Kama beat the Smoking Gunns & Henry Godwinn…Dean Douglas beat Bam Bam Bigelow…Goldust defeated Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon via disqualification when the 1-2-3 Kid interfered…The British Bulldog pinned Bret Hart…Diesel & Shawn Michaels beat Owen Hart & Yokozuna in a lumberjack match at 12:28 after Michaels pinned Owen after a rocket launcher; Yokozuna accidentally splashing Owen after Michaels moved out of the way; and Michaels giving Yokozuna Sweet Chin Music, knocking Yokozuna to the floor.  After the match, the babyface lumberjacks (Henry Godwinn, Aldo Montoya, Ahmed Johnson, Fatu, Savio Vega, the Smoking Gunns & Hakushi) brawled with the heel lumberjacks (Isaac Yankem, King Mabel, Hunter-Hearst Helmsley, Kama, and Rad Radford), with the babyfaces sending the heels to the arena floor.

And here were some news and notes concerning the WWF in the week before Survivor Series (courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com and The Wrestling Observer for November 20):

*Ahmed Johnson was put over Jerry Lawler cleanly for the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) Unified title in Memphis on November 6.  Johnson defeated Lawler after bodyslamming him ten times in a row.

*ECW superstar Mick Foley (Cactus Jack) met with the WWF this past week.  Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) reportedly wants to hang onto him until after WrestleMania XII, which the WWF seems okay with at the present time.  The WWF sees ECW as a place where some of their disgruntled talent can get some work to tide them over between shows.

*Public Enemy may not be going to the WWF after hearing from some WWF wrestlers that the company’s climate is less than favorable and there would not a lot of teams for them to work with there.  Kevin Sullivan is reportedly reaching out to them for WCW and dangling the carrot of making more money and traveling less.  If the Enemy were to come into the WWF they might be renamed “Assault & Battery.”  WCW is leaning toward the name of “The Mac Daddy’s.”

*The WWF has relented in allowing Jeff Jarrett to work for the USWA.  Jarrett is still under a WWF contract but the company does not want to burn bridges with talent.  It is expected that Jarrett will return to the company before the end of the year.

*Several talents are complaining about not getting used enough.  These include Kama, Bob Holly, Jean-Pierre LaFitte, and Bam Bam Bigelow.  Bigelow’s time in the company appears to be coming to an end as he is exploring options to go to New Japan.  LaFitte suffered a waist injury at the November 10 Nassau Coliseum show but it does not appear to be serious.

*The reason for the disqualification finish for the Smoking Gunns-Razor Ramon & the 1-2-3 Kid match on Superstars is because the company is creating a “three saves rule” for tag matches.

*Aldo Montoya might be a dead gimmick at this point.  The company reportedly wants to change Peter Polaco’s gimmick by unmasking him and giving him a new hair style.

Up Next:  Monday Night RAW for November 13, 1995!