The Main Roster “promotion”

Hi Scott

Having watched The Revival get squashed by Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy, I'm wondering is the promotion to the main roster seen as the big deal it should be?

Sure you get the bigger crowds, bigger pay I guess… But is it worth it if you're only wrestling for five minutes in front of a crowd who are sat on their hands? 

Would there more benefit of having NXT as a separate 'workrate' brand or is the 'big league' still what these guys aspire to? Will a lot of them be watching All In with an interest as to how far they could take it?

Basically it just seems a waste seeing my favourite tag team doing five minute jobs when a couple of years ago they were tearing up the ring in classic tag team matches.


​Yeah, but, they're SMALL.  So they can't get over.  So might as well book them as jobbers.  It's just good logic.​