Living the Gimmick

Hey Scott,

So WWE put out a video about how Nikki Bella and Cena have been “reconciling”. In my opinion, this means that their break-up was a work that everyone fell for, and will be resolved by the last episode of next season's Total Bellas. Is it safe to assume that the world is a work and we're all just marks for accepting any part of this reality?

A Reader

P.S. Would you say that Roman Reigns is closer to Luger (Choke artist that keeps getting pushed and bailed on, then pushed again almost immediately), or Biker Taker (Loyal soldier for Vince who gets pushed over stars with much greater presence, because of his loyalty/older, better gimmick)?

​Clearly Nikki has been Roman Reigns with a wig and rubber facemask like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible all along, and we'll get the big reveal to set up the feud that will finally get the Big Dog over.  ​