An interesting theory?

My friend who knows as much (if not more) about wrestling than I told me recently that Braun Strowman was recommended to the WWE by future Hall of Famer Mark Henry, due to their strongman competition connection or some such. If true, I think there's more to this than one would think.

Braun's catchphrase is now “get these hands.” Mark Henry and Mae Young once conceived a single child, one rubber hand, who grew up to be gigantic… for a hand. This is canonical, I remember the Hand coming back for some bullshit Raw anniversary show.

What if they cut the camera right before the doctors discovered another baby in there and and Braun/the Hand were genetically engineered twins separated at birth? Braun got the Arnold Schwarzenegger genes, Hand got the Danny DeVito genes.

Would this have made more or less sense than mystery partner Nicholas at Wrestlemania?

I don't know why I never made the connection before!  It all makes sense now!