WWF SummerSlam Spectacular – August 18th, 1991

August 18, 1991

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper

This show was taped on 7/29 at the Worcester Coliseum in Worcester, MA

Matches include: Hawk vs. Brian Knobbs, Bret Hart vs. The Barbarian, The Dragon & Texas Tornado & British Bulldog vs. The Orient Express (with Sato), Virgil vs. A Mystery Man selected by Ted DiBiase, and Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter for the WWF World Heavyweight Title.


Brian Knobbs w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Hawk

Knobbs dances around the ring then bails as we head to break. The match returns as Hawk headbutts Knobbs through the ropes. Knobbs returns and hammers away as Vince says we can assure that Animal and Jerry Sags will not get involved in this match. Hawk comes back with a clothesline then chops away in the corner. Hawk hits mounted punches but misses a charge and rams his shoulder into the post before spilling outside. Knobbs grabs a chair as Hart distracts the ref and hits Hawk across the back. The announcers talk about the LoD vs. Nasty Boys No DQ or Count Out stipulation at SummerSlam as Knobbs stays in control. Knobbs uses a Boston Crab but Hawk powers out and sends Knobbs outside. However, Knobbs returns and targets the back of Hawk. Knobbs grabs a chinlock but Hawk lifts him up and drops him down. Hawk runs wild until Knobbs rakes his eyes from the mat. Knobbs then eats boot on a charge and Hawk comes off of the top with a flying clothesline for the win (7:40) *1/2.

Thoughts: Hawk looked good here but it was really just a basic TV match with the finish designed to give the challengers momentum heading into the PPV.


Replay of Jake Roberts turning on the Ultimate Warrior.


The Barbarian vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

These guys have wrestled quite a bit. The announcers talk about the Ultimate Warrior and his current psychological condition. Barbarian shoves Bret into the corner after a lockup. Bret cannot move Barbarian around and gets knocked outside. Bret returns and finally drops Barbarian after a pair of dropkicks. Bret tries a running attack off of the apron but gets caught and rammed into the apron. The Coach is shown scouting from the aisle then heads closer to the ring as we go to break. The match returns with Barbarian whipping Bret into the turnbuckle. Barbarian hits a backbreaker for a nearfall as Coach is shown taking notes. Barbarian destroys Bret with a clothesline then hits a delayed vertical suplex for another nearfall. Barbarian catches Bret with a bearhug after whipping him into the corner. Barbarian stomps away as the announcers talk about Randy Savage’s bachelor party that took place last week. Bret catches Barbarian with a boot then hits a clothesline from the middle rope as both men are down. Bret hits an inverted atomic drop then fires away. Bret gets two with a reverse leg sweep then with an elbow drop. Bret walks into a big boot after complaining to the ref and ends up outside. Barbarian then tries to slam Bret back inside from the apron but Bret turns that into a small package for the win (11:52) *3/4. After the match, Heenan assures that Mr. Perfect has nothing to worry about but did not sound too confident.

Thoughts: Despite the fact these guys have wrestled several times before on house shows they just could not develop much chemistry together. This match was too slow and both men struggled at times to get on the same page.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Sid Justice to the interview platform. Sid soaks up the cheers from the crowd. Okerlund asks Sid about how he will handle his duty as special guest referee at SummerSlam. Sid says he can promise everyone that he can control what happens inside of the ring as both Vince and Heenan agree. Okerlund then asks Sid how he can be impartial. Sid says he is a man who stands alone and assures that justice will be served at SummerSlam. The company still wants the fans to guess who Sid will help at SummerSlam.


The Triangle of Terror are shown as they promise to take the title off of Hogan tonight then say Ultimate Warrior might not even be at SummerSlam and puts over Slaughter Rules. They really do not have any credibility as a top heel faction.


Irwin R. Schyster vs. Mark Thomas

This match was also shown on the 8/24 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.” Vince assures us that Warrior will be at SummerSlam but Heenan says he’ll never be the same. Before the match, IRS tells the crowd to start paying their taxes. IRS knocks down Thomas as the announcers talk about ordering SummerSlam on PPV. IRS follows with a clothesline then puts Thomas in an abdominal stretch. We get a few “Irwin” chants from the crowd then IRS hits the Write Off for the win (1:58).

Thoughts: The key segment here was Vince assuring us Warrior would be at SummerSlam. IRS had some heel heat but the gimmick is not catching on with fans at the TV tapings.


We are shown clips from Savage’s bachelor party. You can read the review of that here


The Dragon & Texas Tornado & British Bulldog vs. Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji

Sato is also here with the Orient Express as all three members are teaming up for the first time. The crowd is firmly behind The Dragon as he starts off with Tanaka. Dragon skies Tanaka with a back drop then uses an arm drag. Bulldog runs over Tanaka then hits a clothesline as Tanaka is just selling like a champ. Kato cheap shots Bulldog from the apron then tags in but runs into a dropkick after an Irish whip sequence. Tornado is in and works the arm of Kato for a bit. Kato lures Tornado into the corner and tags out. Sato and Tornado work a terrible sequence then Tanaka kicks Tornado from the apron. Dragon tags in but Kato rakes his eyes. Dragon fights back and tries a piledriver but the ref gets distracted and Tanaka saves his partner with a flying chop. Fuji then whacks Dragon with his cane as his team cuts off the ring. Tornado runs around on the apron to chase Sato away while Kato has Dragon in a chinlock. Dragon finally escapes and makes the tag as Bulldog runs wild as the fans go crazy. Bulldog hits Kato with a running powerslam but Tanaka makes the save then the match breaks down until Dragon hits Kato with a flying body press for the win (10:28) **1/2.

Thoughts: Good match with Dragon doing a great job of selling, per usual. Actually, this was pretty much the same formula they used in the six-man tag from the PPV.


WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Sgt. Slaughter w/ Gen. Adnan & Col. Mustafa vs. Hulk Hogan (c)

Vince tells us we will always be able to trust Hulkamania. Hogan shoves Slaughter into the corner then Slaughter complains of a hair pull. Hogan then uses a back drop and hammers away on Slaughter but ducks his head and gets kicked. Slaughter uses a headbutt then rakes the back before knocking Hogan outside. Mustafa smashes Hogan’s head off of the ring apron then rolls him back inside. Slaughter punches away then we head to break. The action returns with Slaughter choking out Hogan against the ropes as Vince says its unfair for Slaughter to have Mustafa & Adnan in his corner. Slaughter hits Hogan in the back with a chair while his men distracted the ref but that only gets two. Vince says Warrior was scheduled to be at ringside but due to getting bit by a snake he could not appear. In reality, Warrior no-showed this taping and held up Vince for more money. Hogan fights back but Adnan throws powder in his face behind the ref’s back. Mustafa then comes in and stomps Hogan and Adnan joins while the ref sits there and talks to Slaughter. The ref tells them to stop but gets tossed outside as Slaughter gets disqualified (6:25) DUD. The Triangle of Terror continues their attack but Sid Justice heads out and stares them down. As that happens, Hogan grabs a chair and clears the ring but Sid takes it away. Hogan demands the chair but Sid says no them slams it down before leaving.

Thoughts: The match itself was horrendous. Both Slaughter and Hogan were awful and even worse was the dismal duo of Adnan & Mustafa, who manage to drag everything down. Sid came out to make sure that justice was served as they still play up that story.


Clips of Earthquake attacking Andre the Giant are shown.


Ray Garcia & Ross Greenberg vs. The Natural Disasters w/ Jimmy Hart

Another match that was shown on the 8/24 edition of Superstars. The Disasters work over Garcia as Typhoon busts out a standing dropkick. Vince wants to know what will happen when the Disasters meet The Bushwhackers at SummerSlam as Greenberg gets tossed outside then the Disasters put Garcia away with a double splash combo (2:13).

Thoughts: An easy win for the Disasters as they head into SummerSlam with a match against The Bushwhackers.


Barber Shop with guest Sensational Sherri. Beefcake asks Sherri if she has picked out a wedding gift for Savage & Elizabeth. Sherri said she would like to blast Savage in his face then puke all over Elizabeth. Sherri then says that the overrated Savage lost at WrestleMania VII then proposed to a phony woman in Elizabeth, who said yes. Sherri says this is enough to make anyone sick before saying the wedding is a disgrace and a real man would take her somewhere else to get married. Beefcake calls out Sherri for being bitter but Sherri tells us that she will make us a promise and that the marriage will be the “match made in hell” if she has anything to do with the ceremony. Beefcake then tells Sherri he has arranged her transportation to the wedding then proceeds to hand her a broom. Sherri starts swinging it wildly as the segment ends. This would make you think that Sherri would try to interrupt the wedding.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund.


Ted DiBiase & Sensational Sherri come out to the ring with a masked wrestler. The wrestler is played by Barry Darsow, more recently known as Smash from Demolition. DiBiase tells Virgil it is only a dream where he would win the Million Dollar Belt and has paid this masked man a lot of money to break him in half.


Mystery Man w/ Ted DiBiase & Sensational Sherri vs. Virgil

The Mystery Man hammers away to start. Virgil fights back and punches away before using a hip toss as DiBiase is pissed. Virgil gets a nearfall with a rollup then dances around and hits a few more punches before working the arm. The Mystery Man fights back as Vince reminds us to order SummerSlam and thinks it might be the best PPV ever. The Mystery Man tries the Million Dollar Dream but Virgil escapes. Virgil hits a clothesline then puts on the Million Dollar Dream but DiBiase grabs his leg. Virgil gets clotheslined to the outside where DiBiase lands a few stomps. Virgil gets suplexed inside as Heenan tells us this man under the mask is a guy named Murray who sold aluminum siding in Michigan. The man yells and makes it obvious he is Smash but Virgil got his knees up on a splash (well, was supposed to but he did not do it in time) and Virgil gets the pin while DiBiase was taunting the crowd (4:53) DUD. After the match, DiBiase is pissed off.

Thoughts: Another terrible match. Virgil needed someone to guide him but so did his opponent and these two had an ugly match filled with mistimed spots.


The Mountie takes a tour of a NYC jail as he promises Big Bossman will be here after SummerSlam. Jacques Rougeau really embraced this role and made it highly entertaining.


Vince & Heenan close the show by hyping up the PPV.


Final Thoughts: The six-man tag match was solid but nothing worth going out of your way to see and the only other segment notable was Sid making the save for Hogan. Besides that, it was the same PPV hype we’ve been getting on TV. The WrestleMania VII Prime Time special was really good but not this show.