SummerSlam idea

Hey Scott, longtime reader and enjoy your work. I had an idea for SummerSlam and was wondering what your thoughts were. What if Seth Rollins continues his tremendous run that he is on as Intercontinental Champion, putting on great match after great match through May, June and early July. He begins to grow confidence and says he is RAW's true champion because Brock Lesnar is never around.

At Extreme Rules in July, Rollins defends his title against someone who the WWE is looking to build up, someone like Samoa Joe or Elias (even Roman if it will get him away from the main event for a while), Lesnar returns and is pissed at Rollins' trash talk and decimates him. Since it would be a No DQ or some other kind of stipulation given that the event is Extreme Rules, Elias or whoever picks up the easy pinfall victory to win the IC title. 

This sets up Rollins vs. Lesnar for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. At the event, Rollins wins the championship, but is once again laid out by Lesnar after the match. Finn Balor, having won the Money in the Bank briefcase in June, appears as the demon and cashes in to win the title, simultaneously getting revenge for his injured shoulder from two years ago and beating the same opponent in the same venue at the same event to win the same title he never got a run with. Then the next month they could do a triple threat match to get Lesnar's rematch clause out of the way (if they decide to pay attention to it that month) and then they run with a Rollins/Balor program atop RAW into the fall. 

​I don't really like the idea of pulling the trigger on Rollins and then cutting him off right away in favor of the midcard Balor, but let's face it, we're into the era where it literally doesn't matter who they push or what they do as long as they pump out content for USA.  It's pretty depressing.  ​