WWF Superstars of Wrestling – August 17th, 1991

August 17, 1991

From the Worcester Centrum in Worcester, MA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Randy Savage


The show starts off with Jake Roberts final training for the Ultimate Warrior as we do not get a show introduction of what matches to expect. They are in a dark room as Jake says through the door is where Lucifer awaits inside of a coffin. Warrior says Jake has not let him down yet and will trust him again. Jake says Warrior he is not afraid of the dark and to get into the room. Warrior enters then Jake shuts the door and turns on the lights as there are snakes everywhere. Jake now instructs Warrior to reach into the casket and see what Undertaker is made of while reminding him of his past training. Warrior then opens it up as Jake swears the answer is inside. A snake then pops up and bites Warrior’s face as Jake tells Warrior to take care of himself. Jake then changes his tone and tells Warrior to drop like the common man he is and let the poison enter his system. Jake then laughs and says this happens to all good men and wants us to know see how the devil’s work is done. Warrior busts through the door and is on the ground. Warrior then reaches as we see him grab at the boots of The Undertaker. Jake then laughs after telling Warrior to never trust a snake while Warrior passes out. Even though you could see Jake turning from a mile away I thought this segment was great. Props to the production department for this too as these segments felt different than anything else in wrestling. At this time Vince brought in people from Hollywood and TV to join the production staff and they were responsible for these bits.


Dave Millison vs. The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji

Vince cannot believe what just happened to Warrior and said he gave Jake his trust. And these guys were all questioning why Warrior trusted Jake to begin with. Berzerker boots down Millison as Vince says Warrior was sent to the hospital and received an “anti-toxin” that will make it possible for him to appear at SummerSlam. Berzerker stays in control as Piper wants to know about Warrior’s mental well being then Berzerker dumps Millison outside for the win (2:12).

Thoughts: This was a backdrop for the announcers to discuss what happened to Warrior. We do learn that Warrior is expected to be at SummerSlam though.


Kerry Von Erich vs. Pete Doherty

On commentary, Savage gets teased about his wedding has Tornado takes control. Doherty bails then returns and gets put into the claw. Doherty tries to break but Tornado lets go then hits a Tornado Punch for the win (2:48).

Thoughts: Another match where the announcers talk about what is happening at SummerSlam.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This focuses on Bobby Heenan’s comments from last week about Ric Flair possibly joining the WWF once his “current contract” expires. We hear from Heenan again as he talks about possibly becoming Flair’s advisor and Hogan should be scared because Flair is the “real world’s champion.” Okerlund wants to know why someone like Flair would need advice from Heenan. And the key storyline post SummerSlam is will Flair show up to the WWF.


Skinner vs. Mario Mancini

The announcers talk about Flair being signed to the WWF. Piper said he knows Flair more than anyone in the WWF and does not believe Heenan’s comments. Skinner dumps Mancini outside as Vince thinks he looks like a character from “Deliverance.” We now hear from Skinner in an insert promo as he spits into a cup before asking if we see the pretty bird on the window because he smashed its pretty little head. Back to the match as Skinner stays in control then hits an inverted DDT for the win (1:43). Skinner then chokes out Mancini after the match as Savage calls Skinner’s finisher the “No Way Out Suplex.”

Thoughts: They went heavy with the Skinner vignettes then stopped a few weeks ago only to have him debut without notice. That certainly does not bode well for his future. According to Skinner (Steve Keirn), he got into the WWF after running into Jimmy Hart. Skinner said he had killed 15 alligators after Gordon Solie won a lottery to get an Alligator Hunting license then Skinner bought an assistant license off of that. Skinner said he met with Vince and brought the skulls, parts, and hunting stuff as he needed a gimmick to fit into the WWF and was no longer the Fabulous One. Vince saw the stuff then told Skinner to go home, grow out his beard and have his back to his natural brown color. A month later, Vince called him up and wanted Skinner to be like a hillbilly character from “Deliverance” that was a poacher from the Everglades.


Legion of Doom defeat Barry Hardy & Duane Gill in a match first shown on the 8/12 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund. Hogan cuts a promo by himself here as Okerlund says we still do not know about Warrior’s condition.


Jimmy Snuka defeats Brooklyn Brawler in a match first shown on the 8/12 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


Mr. Perfect defeats Mike Daniels in a match first shown on the 8/12 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


Next week in action are the Natural Disasters, Bret Hart, and Sgt. Slaughter. Plus, an update on the Ultimate Warrior’s condition and an interview with Sid Justice.


Final Thoughts: Lots of big happenings on this show. Jake turning heel was the big news even though it was expected. The segment itself was just too memorable to forget.  And we got more mention of Flair as its a given he will be coming in and likely starting a program with Hogan or even Piper based off of Piper’s comments.

However, the even bigger news took place off screen at this weekend’s tapings. First, the wrestlers were told about the company testing for drugs and steroids and to get off everything. Also, the Ultimate Warrior did not appear at these tapings or the house shows that week. It was first reported as Warrior off due to family issues but after Warrior was officially suspended after SummerSlam the news came out that Warrior held out for more money and a guaranteed contract. We will learn more about that as I get to SummerSlam.