Superhero Movies

I know virtually nothing about comics and superheroes. I haven't seen any of the Avengers movies or Black Panther or Wonder Woman. In fact, I think the last superhero movie I saw was Superman IV in the theater.

But with the success of all of the recent movies, it's piqued my interest. I want to see Infinity War for example, but I know it will be more confusing than anything because I don't know any of the characters. I don't even know the difference between DC and Marvel. Comics just weren't my thing growing up.

My question: What movies should I watch first to get caught up to the current offerings? Should I just start at Superman from the 70s and go chronologically? Should I watch all DC first then Marvel? Should I just jump in to Infinity War now and figure it out as I go? Is there anything I should skip that's not worth my time.

I need some sort of outline. If you could help a newbie out, that would be great!

​That's not exactly a one-email request, I'm afraid.  Avengers is actually very entertaining even if you have no idea who everyone is, because otherwise there's decades of backstory and having to understand the difference between the Disney Marvel, Fox Marvel, and Netflix Marvel characters and such.  I'd say just jump in and see if you enjoy it, because you probably will.  Or if you check out Captain America: Civil War, Thor Ragnarok and maybe Guardians of the Galaxy, you're good.​