Lesnar vs Rollins

Money match is Lesnar vs Rollins Title for Title match at SummerSlam but we'll probably get Roman vs Brock again though and THIS time he'll win! 

​Meh, hopefully he does win.  The issue was never really that Roman would be a terrible champion, it's that they just kept building it up and teasing it out to the point where everyone was sick of hearing about his impending coronation, and then they changed their mind and decided to stretch it out even longer.  l honestly don't get why Brock needed to be champion still, even if he signed a new deal.  He's never on the show and there's no direction for the main event at the moment.  Like realistically there's no point in a RAW guy winning MITB, because where's the drama?  You've got about 3 chances per year to cash in. ​