WCW Questions

I'm really trying to get the most out of my 3 month/99 cent deal from the Network. I'm on a WCW kick right now and have two questions.

Why did Flair's knee pads always make their way down to his shins? Every other superstar in history has no issues keeping them on their knee caps. That concept always seemed to elude Slick Ric.

Also was watching the Bischoff documentary. They briefly mentioned he auditioned for WWF and even showed footage of his audition tape. Why didn't Vince ever bust that tape out? Here's a guy who couldn't even become a backup announcer for us and now he's running that company. They could have really played it up and say he was so bad he was laughed out of the building.

There was a prime opportunity to take that jab at him in 1995 and early 1996 before Nitro started getting great.

​I bet Vince just didn't think of it or even remember that Bischoff made an audition tape.  It would have been years before Eric was in WCW and Vince sees a lot of terrible audition tapes.​