Tuesday Night Smackdown / 205 Live Thread

Tonight, it’s yet another AJ v. Shinsuke match to set up another AJ v. Shinsuke match at the PPV, but this time with STIPULATIONS.  I didn’t think it was possible to find the point where I’d be bored silly of seeing AJ v. Shinsuke, but here we are.

We’ve got game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals tonight in the NHL, plus the inevitable death march to another Cleveland v. Golden State finals in the NBA, seemingly.

Tomorrow, someone requested a redo of ECW Heat Wave ’98, so I checked it out again today and I’ll have the fresh rant up in the morning for your perusal.  I’ve also got requests on the docket for Bashlash 2000 and WCW Greed 2001, so that’ll occupy my next couple of days off.  I never know what to rant on, so if you’ve got a request and a compelling reason to fill it, drop me a line.

Talk about the stuff here!