The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–02.06.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 02.06.82

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Bill Watts

Bob Orton Jr. v. Ken Woodby

Orton takes him down and works the arm and poor Woodby gets twisted around like a pretzel trying to escape it. Orton cranks on it while Cowboy relays all the standby matches we have in case the tag title match ends quickly. Now I’m gonna be disappointed if we don’t see them all. Orton gets a backbreaker and follows with a pump splash, then finishes this poor geek with a piledriver at 3:45. He wrecked this poor goof. I love it. 1 for 1.

Ernie Ladd complains that everyone is always talking about “Dirty” Rhodes, but no one ever talks about how he “makes plenty money” and manages the Samoans. Boyd Pierce claims ignorance of any financial terms between Dusty and Mid-South, and then Bill Watts points out that Skandor Akbar is in the ring with Samoans for some reason. Ernie is like “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?” and goes to confront Akbar, who claims he’s an incompetent DUMMY and the Samoans are embarrassed by him. WORDS HURT, but not as much as when Ladd punches him in the face and starts beating up the Samoans by himself. And there’s a babyface turn, just like that. Sadly, the Big Cat can only do so much alone, and the Samoans quickly beat him down and get joined by some big guy with long hair and a beard and HOLY COW THAT’S ONE MAN GANG! I guess it was Crusher Broomfield back then, but anyway him and the Samoans lay out Ladd and leave him laying. Ernie Ladd was absolutely fantastic here. 2 for 2.

So now we’ve got no tag title match, and it’s over to the standby matches instead!

Ted Dibiase v. Ron Cheatham

Now there’s a heel name. Perhaps he had a legal career in the law offices of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe at one point and decided to quit the law profession and become a wrestler instead. Ron tries to live up to his name, but Dibiase cuts him off with a headlock and takes him down to the mat. Dibiase pounds away in the corner and adds a dropkick. I love Bill Watts and his explanation of his thought process during the last angle, where he admits that he thought Ladd was pulling some kind of bullshit on everyone and it wasn’t until he was beat up and left for dead that he admitted to himself that, yeah, maybe Ladd was telling the truth. Dibiase finishes with the powerslam and figure-four at 2:34. 2 for 3.

Skandor Akbar is OUTRAGED that his Samoans have their tag title match taken away, because the Samoans signed the contract and so Grizzly Smith should be a man of his word. So it’s back on, because Bill Watts is booking.

Mid-South tag titles: Junkyard Dog & Mike George v. The Samoans

Seems to me, putting on my Bill Watts Cap, that this is where you’d change the titles to really heat up the Samoans again after turning on Ladd, but we’ll see where this goes. George slugs away on Afa to start and Dog comes in with a neck vice. George goes to a chinlock, but Afa fights out and Sika comes in for a slugfest with JYD before they clothesline each other and both are down. We still don’t know the identity of the mysterious big man, it seems, although he’s so big that it seems to me that he could be a gang unto himself. A One Man Gang, if you will. Dog keeps fighting off the Samoans and makes the hot tag to George, and everyone is brawling until George misses a charge and takes a manly bump into the ringpost. The ref gets bumped in the melee and Sika misses a headbutt off the top rope, and Dog cleans house with a chair and blocks a fireball from Akbar. He takes Sika out of the ring, but George crawls back in, and Afa hits him with a samoan drop on the chair and we have NEW tag team champions at 4:57. See, I can think like Bill Watts, too. This was wild stuff. 3 for 4.

Bob Roop v. Frank Monte

Roop works a headlock and powers Monte over with a hiptoss, but Frank escapes and slugs away. Roop goes to a wristlock, but Monte takes him down with a headscissors and holds that on the mat. Roop escapes and goes back to the armbar and pounds away on the ropes, but Monte slams out of that predicament and gets a dropkick for two. Roop just clubbers him in the head with a forearm to counter a clothesline, and puts him down with a shoulderbreaker to finish at 3:44. I don’t get Roop. 3 for 5.

Mr. Olympia v. Paul Orndorff

Olympia quickly overpowers Paul and takes him down with a hammerlock. Paul tries to scramble out of it and gets nowhere while Bill relates the story of watching Orndorff v. Dibiase again on his “home television recorder”. Jesus, Bill, you might as well be stealing money out of your own pocket by taping TV. Olympia gets a series of slams for two and Orndorff is GOBSMACKED that someone would get one over on him like this. So he pounds on Olympia, but gets cocky and misses a charge, allowing Olympia to go back to the arm wringers while Orndorff manages to get himself over with facial expressions. Paul finally runs up the ropes and hits a nasty clothesline to take over, and a legdrop gets two. Orndorff pounds him with knees in the corner, but Olympia gets a sunset flip for two. Bill Watts: “Strong people do what they can, weak people suffer what they must.” That’s fantastic. Turns out that it was from a Greek philosopher named Thucydides. Orndorff comes off the middle rope with a knee for two, and powerslam for two. Olympia makes the comeback with a dropkick and gets the dreaded SLEEPER and Paul is OUT at 7:20. Goddamn they are getting that move over like crazy. This was a HELL of a match, too. Paul Orndroff is a fine pro wrestler. 4 for 6.

Ed Wiskowski v. Brian Blair

Well this is finally a step up in competition for Blair. Ed tosses him, but Blair comes in with an inside cradle for two and puts him down with a tackle before Wiskowski drops him with a stungun. Wiskowski slingshots him into a backbreaker for two, then slingshots him under the ropes, but Blair makes the comeback with a minute left and he’s all fired up. Atomic drop and Ed bumps headfirst into the turnbuckles, into a Blair dropkick for two. And time expires at 3:20 as this show comes to a close. Another hard-worked match in a series. 5 for 7.

God I love this show. Another big thumbs up for strong stories and Greek philosophy.