Story Line

Hey Scott, two storyline ideas.

1. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins continue to accumulate losses. It get to the point where they are both ribbing on eachother. The announcers mention the losses time in and time out, specifically Michael Cole and Corey Graves. They both mention on how both should not even be on the roster. Kurt Angle feeling sympathetic books a match pitting Hawkins vs Ryder, with someones 0 having to go. The match happens and during the match Cole and Graves Continue to berate the match. Hawkins and Ryder lose by double countout. Both men frustrated walking up the ramp see Cole and Graves calling the losers and they just go after Cole and lay a beating. Hawkins and Ryder begin winning matches as a tag team as heels and win the tag titles.

2. A 4 way for the title, Brock, Orton, Cena, Reigns, again. The crowd is pissed, and so are the boys, as Triple H makes the match unilaterally. For weeks Heyman talks about how Brock had beaten these competitors countless times and someone else should get the shot, and how fortunate these 3 are. At the PPV, Orton, Cena, and Reigns team up and pummel Brock. Brock gives color. With Brock out on the canvas, Cena and Orton let Reigns pin Brock. After the match, the three announce themselves as a faction, The Fortunate Ones.

​There's a lot of people with hurt feelings in there.  I can't advocate for that.​