Rock Star Gary reflects on WWF Survivor Series ’92

Live from Richfield, OH

Airdate: November 25, 1992

Attendance:  17,500

Hosted by Vince McMahon & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Can Shawn Michaels win his first WWF title? How will Savage fare against Flair/Ramon? Who’s his partner? Also, who will win the casket and nightstick matches? Let’s find out!

Match 1: Headshrinkers (w/ Afa) versus High Energy


  • For those unaware, High Energy was comprised of Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware.
  • In case you’re wondering, the Headshrinkers were the Samoan SWAT Team.
  • After each wrestler leap-frogged the other, Samu WHIFFED on a cross body block.
  • Owen didn’t but barely earned a 1-count.
  • When Owen delivered a pair of dropkicks, he tagged in Ware.
  • Heel miscommunication occurred, and Ware dropkicked each Headshrinker.
  • As a double noggin knocker didn’t affect the Headshrinkers whatsoever, Afa WALLOPED Ware with a kendo stick to the back.
  • Fatu then slammed Ware and tagged in Samu.
  • After Owen distracted referee Joey Marella, the Headshrinkers double-teamed Ware in the heel corner. Nefarious!
  • Fatu then clotheslined Ware and tagged in Samu.
  • When Ware leap-frogged him, Samu leveled him with a clothesline.
  • Fatu tagged in, but Ware hooked a sunset flip for 2.
  • As he gave Ware a thrust kick, Fatu tagged in Samu.
  • Speaking of Samu, he gave Ware a cross corner whip but came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Hot tag Owen.
  • Upon backdropping Samu, Owen mounted the top turnbuckle and hit a cross body block for only a 1-count thanks to Fatu.
  • Owen then delivered a spinning heel kick to Fatu knocking him down to the floor.
  • When Samu reversed an Irish whip, he powerslammed Owen.
  • Fatu tagged in, mounted the top turnbuckle, and hit a flying splash.
  • 1-2-3.
  • The Headshrinkers won.

Rating: **

Summary:  Both teams benefitted from the tag formula yet the Samoans were the better team.

Back in the blue locker room, Sean Mooney forewarns us about the graphic violence in the upcoming match. He then interviews Nailz whose voice is distorted to sound more menacing. Amazingly, Nailz cuts an intense promo.

Backstage, “Mean” Gene Okerlund interviews Bossman while Nailz makes his entrance.

Match 2 (nightstick): Nailz versus Big Bossman


  • As Bossman stormed the ring, Nailz reversed a cross corner whip sending him HARD into the corner.
  • He then climbed the pole, but Bossman stopped him.
  • When Nailz gave Bossman a cross corner whip, he ate boot on his follow-through.
  • He then reversed an Irish whip but got nailed.
  • Ahem…
  • After Bossman climbed for the nightstick, Nailz tossed him down to the mat.
  • He then gave Bossman a backbreaker while the Richfield faithful chanted “Boss-man.”
  • As Bossman attempted a splash, there was no water in the pool.
  • Nailz then made another attempt at the nightstick, but Bossman crotched him on the top rope. OUCH!
  • When a double clothesline put both wrestlers down on the mat, Bossman slowly climbed to grab the nightstick.
  • He then hammered Nailz with it until Nailz kicked it away.
  • Double ahem…
  • After Nailz procured the nightstick, he clobbered Bossman with it.
  • Bossman then delivered the Bossman slam.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Bossman won.

Rating: *

Summary: Did you really believe the convicted felon would win a match on PPV? This match marks Wacholz’ final WWF supershow appearance as he had a backstage altercation with Vince allegedly over money on 12/14 in Green Bay, WI. Subsequently, he was fired.

Backstage, Okerlund interviews Flair and Ramon. We then revisit Prime Time Wrestling when Savage selected Perfect to replace Ultimate Warrior as his partner (aired 11/22). Later in the episode, Perfect accepted much to Heenan’s chagrin. WE HAVE A FACE TURN! From the arena, Flair cuts a promo on Perfect. Ramon then speaks Spanglish to the babyfaces.

Match 3: The “Model” Rick Martel versus Tatanka


  • Tatanka gave Martel a cross corner whip followed by a back drop.
  • When Tatanka hit a pair of dropkicks, Martel sought refuge outside the ring.
  • Tatanka then delivered an atomic drop and clotheslined Martel out of the ring.
  • As Martel reversed an Irish whip, he gave Tatanka a stungun.
  • Tatanka then hit a vertical suplex, and Doink the Clown made his WWF PPV debut making balloon animals for the kids.
  • After Tatanka suplexed him to the apron, he brought Martel in the hard way.
  • Martel rebounded with a hangman’s neckbreaker for 2.
  • Shortly after, Tatanka clotheslined Martel and got reversed on a cross corner whip.
  • Martel then came up empty on his follow-through.
  • When Tatanka countered a hip toss with a backslide, he got 2.
  • Martel then launched Tatanka over the top rope to the floor, joined, and rammed him back-first into the apron.
  • As he mounted the second turnbuckle, Martel attempted a double axe handle, but Tatanka nailed him in the midsection.
  • Tatanka then mounted the top turnbuckle and gave Martel a flying chop.
  • Afterward, he hit the End of the Trail (Samoan drop).
  • 1-2-3.
  • Tatanka won.

Rating: *1/2

Summary:  While Tatanka remained undefeated, Doink took the Richfield faithful’s attention away from the match.

After the match, Doink popped the balloons. How dastardly!

Back in the blue locker room, Mooney interviews Savage and Perfect. While Perfect cuts a promo on Flair, Ramon, and Heenan, Savage wants to be part of the “Perfect Team.”

Match 4: “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Mr. Perfect versus “Nature Boy” Ric Flair & Razor Ramon


  • What a difference jumping promotions makes as Ramon transformed from jobbing regularly in WCW to tagging with former WWF champions in his first WWF PPV.
  • As Savage made his entrance, he climbed up on the platform and introduced Perfect.
  • The battle of former AWA tag team champions began the match while Perfect humiliated Ramon.
  • When Flair tagged in, Perfect gave him a cross corner whip followed by a back drop.
  • He then dropkicked, clotheslined, and gave Flair a cross corner whip.
  • After that resulted in a Flair flip, Savage nailed Flair on the apron.
  • Savage tagged in, mounted the top turnbuckle, and delivered a double axe handle.
  • As Savage clotheslined both heels consecutively, Perfect distracted referee Earl Hebner.
  • That allowed Flair and Ramon to double-team Savage in the heel corner, and Ramon tagged in.
  • Shortly after, Ramon hooked a Flair-assisted abdominal stretch, but Savage escaped.
  • When Flair tagged in, he tossed Savage over the top rope to the floor.
  • Perfect then distracted Hebner again while Ramon rammed Savage face-first into the steps.
  • Savage was BUSTED OPEN!
  • After Flair delivered a knee drop, Perfect distracted Hebner yet again allowing the heels to switch illegally.
  • Ramon then hooked a single-leg crab, and Perfect appeared to leave ringside. Could he be turning his back on Savage?
  • As Perfect returned, he distracted Hebner for a fourth time allowing the heels to pummel Savage.
  • Speaking of Savage, he countered a hip toss with a backslide for 2.
  • When the heels illegally switched again, Ramon gave Savage an elbow drop for 2.
  • He then chokeslammed Savage for another 2.
  • After Savage countered a slam with an inside cradle, he got 2.
  • Flair tagged in and gave Savage a HARD cross corner whip.
  • As he gave Savage another cross corner whip, Flair clotheslined him.
  • Flair then mounted the top turnbuckle, but Savage caught and slammed him down to the mat.
  • Hot tag Perfect.
  • Upon delivering a neck snap, Perfect gave Ramon an atomic drop.
  • He then hit consecutive knee lifts to Ramon and Flair.
  • After Savage attempted to make him taste the steel railing, Flair blocked and CROWNED Savage with a chair.
  • Perfect then gave Flair another cross corner whip and back drop.
  • As he clotheslined Flair over the top rope to the floor, Perfect inadvertently knocked Hebner down to the floor.
  • Ramon then attempted a Razor’s Edge, but Perfect escaped and backdropped him.
  • When Perfect hit the Perfectplex, Marella replaced Hebner and counted 2.
  • Perfect then hooked a Perfectplex on Flair, but Ramon distracted Marella.
  • After Hebner returned, he counted 2.
  • Flair then shoved down Marella while Ramon did the same to Hebner.
  • As Hebner called for the bell, Savage and Perfect won by DQ.

Rating: ***

Summary:  Crappy finish to an otherwise entertaining match. Neither Ramon nor Perfect looked crisp, but Flair and Savage made up the difference.

After the match, Flair hooks the figure-four leg lock on Perfect, and Ramon brings a chair into the ring. Before Ramon could crush Perfect into smithereens, Savage steals the chair from him. He then guillotines Ramon with the top rope and hands the chair to Perfect. Next, Perfect SMACKS Flair in the face with the chair to break the hold. He then WALLOPS both Flair and Ramon in the back with it. The Perfect Team then shares high-fives to the delight of the Richfield faithful.

Backstage, Okerlund interviews a perturbed Flair and an enojado Ramon warn Perfect about “next time.”

Match 5: Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji) versus Virgil


  • For those unaware, Yokozuna was portrayed by Rodney Anoa’I, a nephew of Afa.
  • Geisha girls accompanied Yokozuna to the ring and brought flowers.
  • When Virgil dropkicked him thrice, Yokozuna didn’t leave his feet.
  • Virgil then leap-frogged him but couldn’t roll up Yokozuna.
  • As Yokozuna delivered a thrust kick, he followed with a uranage.
  • Virgil then tried again to take Yokozuna off his feet but fell victim to a sidewalk slam.
  • After a leg drop, Yokozuna gave Virgil a cross corner whip.
  • Virgil then floated over, attempted a roll-up, but got SQUISHED.
  • When Yokozuna gave him another cross corner whip, he SQUISHED Virgil again.
  • He then mounted the second turnbuckle and delivered the Banzai drop.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Yokozuna won.

Rating: DUD

Summary:  Showcase match for Yokozuna.

Back in the blue locker room, Mooney interviews the victorious Savage and Perfect. Speaking of Perfect, he offers Flair and Ramon a pair of raw turkeys. He then offers Heenan a raw chicken while badmouthing him. In Perfect fashion, he swats the chicken away. HA!

Match 6 (tag team elimination): WWF tag team champions Money, Inc. & the Beverly Brothers (w/ Genius & Jimmy Hart) versus the Natural Disasters & the Nasty Boys


  • Wait a minute! How’d the Nasty Boys become babyfaces (aired 11/1, taped 10/13)?
  • As Blake jumped on his back, Typhoon SQUISHED him in the corner.
  • He then gave Blake a hip toss followed by a backbreaker.
  • When Earthquake tagged in, he applied a bear hug to Blake.
  • Beau came in, but Typhoon sandwiched both Beverlies in the corner.
  • After Earthquake SQUISHED both Beverlies, he powerslammed Blake.
  • Knobbs tagged in and face-planted Blake.
  • As Knobbs clotheslined him, Blake sold it with a 360° spin. Woohoo!
  • Tags were exchanged on both sides while Sags gave Beau a pumphandle slam.
  • When Beau delivered a double underhook suplex to Sags, he tagged in DiBiase.
  • A cross corner whip by DiBiase preceded a clothesline.
  • After Sags blocked a suplex, he gave DiBiase one of his own.
  • IRS tagged in, and Money, Inc. double-clotheslined Sags.
  • As IRS delivered a back elbow, he hit a leg drop for 2.
  • Sags then blocked a hip toss and gave IRS one instead.
  • While the Richfield faithful chanted “Nas-ty,” DiBiase came in only to get nailed by Sags.
  • When Blake tagged in, he powerslammed Sags.
  • Beau tagged in, delivered a leg drop, and got another 2 on Sags.
  • After Blake tagged in, he mounted the second turnbuckle and lowered the boom on Sags.
  • He then gave Sags a hangman’s neckbreaker but couldn’t get 3.
  • As Blake missed a clothesline, Sags hooked a sleeper.
  • A double shoulder block then put both wrestlers down on the mat.
  • When tags were exchanged on both sides again, Earthquake gave Beau a cross corner whip followed by a back elbow.
  • After all eight wrestlers were in the ring, Typhoon gave Beau a Samoan drop.
  • Earthquake then hit the Earthquake splash.
  • 1-2-3.
  • The Beverlies were eliminated giving the babyfaces a 4-2 advantage.
  • As DiBiase came in, Earthquake reversed an Irish whip and clotheslined him.
  • Shortly after, he gave DiBiase a cross corner whip but came up empty on his follow-through.
  • IRS tagged in, and Money, Inc. delivered a double belly-to-back suplex to Earthquake.
  • When he gave Earthquake an elbow drop, IRS got 2.
  • While the Richfield faithful chanted “Ir-win,” IRS gave Earthquake a cross corner whip but came up empty on his follow-through.
  • DiBiase tagged in, and Money, Inc. broke the wishbone on Earthquake. OUCH!
  • After IRS tagged in, Typhoon distracted referee Mike Chioda.
  • That allowed the heels to switch illegally. SNEAKY!
  • As DiBiase clotheslined him, Earthquake didn’t leave his feet.
  • DiBiase then mounted the second turnbuckle, hit a double axe handle, and got 2.
  • Shortly after, DiBiase mounted the second turnbuckle and hit another double axe handle.
  • When he mounted the second turnbuckle a third time, he leaped but ate boot.
  • Typhoon tagged in and clotheslined each heel consecutively.
  • After another clothesline, Typhoon delivered the Tidal Wave to IRS for only 2 thanks to a save by DiBiase.
  • To extricate DiBiase, the Nasty Boys double-clotheslined him over the top rope to the floor.
  • DiBiase then tripped Typhoon coming off the ropes, and IRS hit an elbow drop.
  • 1-2-3.
  • The Natural Disasters were eliminated as the sides evened at 2 apiece.
  • As Sags came in, he rolled up IRS.
  • 1-2-3.
  • The Nasty Boys survived.

Rating: ***

Summary:  Decent elimination match that furthered the Nasty Boys-Money, Inc. feud.

After the match, the Nasty Boys double-clothesline IRS and chase Hart away.

Call the Survivor Series hotline and talk to Tatanka, Perfect, and Savage.

Prior to the next match, we revisit Summerslam ’92 and the aftermath of the Undertaker-Kamala match. We then revisit Superstars when Bearer brought a coffin to ringside during a Kamala squash (aired 10/10, taped 9/21). The following week, on Wrestling Challenge, Bearer scared Kamala again with a coffin (aired 10/18, taped 9/22).

Afterward, Bearer cuts a pre-taped promo while Undertaker builds a casket big enough to hold Kamala. As he closes the casket, Undertaker informs Kamala to “rest in peace.” SPOOKY!

Match 7 (casket): Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) versus Kamala (w/ Harvey Wippleman & Kim Chee)


  • When Undertaker opened the casket, Kamala shit the proverbial brick.
  • Not like THAT!
  • He then no-sold Kamala’s offense and gave him a ropewalk shoulder smash.
  • As Undertaker delivered a short-arm clothesline, Kamala clotheslined him over the top rope to the floor.
  • Undertaker then grabbed Kim Chee and Wippleman, but Kamala nailed him from behind.
  • After he rammed Undertaker face-first into the steps, Kamala BONKED Undertaker with Kim Chee’s hat.
  • He then rammed Undertaker into the steps again, grabbed a chair, and WALLOPED him in the back.
  • When they returned to the ring, Kamala slammed Undertaker twice.
  • On the other hand, Undertaker kept sitting up.
  • Upon slamming Undertaker again, Kamala splashed him thrice.
  • Bearer then got up on the apron, but Kim Chee tripped him.
  • In the meantime, the urn slipped from Bearer’s hands and landed in the ring.
  • While Wippleman distracted referee Joey Marella, a terrified Kamala refused to use the urn as a weapon.
  • Kim Chee tossed it to him, and Kamala dropped lit like a hot potato.
  • As Undertaker HAMMERED him with the urn, he pinned Kamala.
  • Undertaker won.


Rating: ½*

Summary:  Kamala’s antics surrounding the casket and urn made the match entertaining. As for the rest…

After the match, Undertaker rolls Kamala into the casket and seals it shut.

Back in the blue locker room, Mooney interviews a cocky Michaels who’s ready to wear two belts upon victory.

As Michaels makes his entrance, Okerlund interviews Bret who respects Michaels yet feels excellent about his chances.

Match 8 for the WWF title: Bret “Hitman” Hart (champion) versus WWF Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels (w/o Sensational Sherri)


  • After some mat-wrestling, Bret used momentum to send Michaels between the ropes to the floor.
  • Michaels returned to the apron, yet Bret brought him in the hard way.
  • As Bret hit a cross body block, he got 2. Michaels’ kick-out sent Bret to the floor.
  • Bret then re-entered the ring via sunset flip and got another 2.
  • While Vince shilled ICOPRO, Bret reversed an Irish whip, clotheslined Michaels, but couldn’t get 3.
  • Michaels then leap-frogged Bret and delivered a stungun.
  • After Bret reversed a cross corner whip, he came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Michaels then gave Bret a single-arm DDT followed by a cross corner whip.
  • Since that resulted in a sternum-first bump, Michaels got 2.
  • Shortly after, he dropkicked Bret for another 2.
  • He then gave Bret a backbreaker but couldn’t get 3.
  • As Bret rebounded with a swinging neckbreaker, Michaels reversed a cross corner whip but ate boot during his follow-through.
  • Bret then bulldogged him, mounted the second turnbuckle, but missed an elbow drop.
  • When Michaels hit a flying back elbow, he almost got 3.
  • At the exact point one would think Michaels had his number, Bret surreptitiously hooked an inside cradle for 2. Clever!
  • MIchaels then gave Bret a cross corner whip, but Bret floated over and delivered a belly-to-back suplex.
  • After Michaels leap-frogged Bret again, he tried a third time, but Bret catapulted him into the ring post.
  • He then gave Michaels a cross corner whip, and Michaels landed atop the top turnbuckle.
  • As Bret punted him, Michaels crotched himself on the top rope.
  • Bret then backdropped Michaels for2.
  • When he delivered a side Russian leg sweep, Bret got 2.
  • He then gave Michaels a backbreaker, mounted the second turnbuckle, and hit a flying elbow smash for another 2.
  • Upon placing Michaels atop the top turnbuckle, Bret joined and hit a superplex. Wow!
  • Unfortunately for Bret, he couldn’t get 3.
  • Next, Bret hooked a sleeper, but Michaels sandwiched Bret and referee Earl Hebner in the corner.
  • Michaels then used momentum to send Bret to the floor and rammed him back-first into the ring post.
  • After Michaels slammed him on the floor, he gave Bret a HARD cross corner whip further injuring the back.
  • He then backdropped Bret and got 2.
  • As Bret rolled him up, he got 2.
  • Michaels then hit a superkick but couldn’t capitalize.
  • When Michaels attempted a teardrop suplex, Bret escaped.
  • Upon a second attempt, Michaels only got 2.
  • Bret then nailed him with a forearm causing Michaels to be tied up in the ropes.
  • Afterward, Bret tried a cross body block, but Michaels evaded him sending Bret directly into the ropes.
  • Michaels then mounted the second turnbuckle, attempted a missile dropkick, but Bret caught him by the legs.
  • As Bret hooked the Sharpshooter, Michaels submitted.
  • Bret retained.

Rating: ****1/2 

Summary:  Compared to prior PPV WWF title matches, this match blows them out of the water. Neither smoke nor mirrors were needed for these two to showcase themselves extremely well. In addition, I truly enjoyed Bret’s kicking out of Michaels’ finisher because, despite the technical nature of the maneuver, it wasn’t a devastating move but merely a transitional one.

After the match, Santa Claus comes to the ring to accompany Bret. While snow falls, Santa gives Bret a Santa hat and raises his arm in victory.

Conclusion: Say it with me, folks—ONE…MATCH…SHOW. However, that one match saved the show in spades. Bret and Michaels certainly bring a unique style that hasn’t been seen at the top of the card in a long time. Additionally, the show-long antics by Heenan, while entertaining, pale in comparison to his work at Royal Rumble ’92 and WrestleMania VIII.

If you’ve never seen the title match, make a reminder to do so. The rest of the show is forgettable at best.

See you for WCW Starrcade ‘92!

Buyrate: 1.40

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