Why drop the belt first?

Following up your previous comment about Rollins taking the belt off Brock, why make Rollins drop the IC belt first? Wouldn't the IC champ winning the World/Universal title strengthen the IC belt?

Let's say Rollins goes over Brock. The next night GM Angle makes Seth vacate the IC belt (Vacant for HOF in 2019). Now we can have a tournament to crown the next IC champ at the July PPV. We know how much you love a good tournament, and they won't have to build a big backstory for a B-show. Then throw us a gimmick match for Summerslam.


Oh yeah, definitely keep the belt on Seth. In fact I'd have Seth beat some other scrub like Mojo this week, and then do an open challenge at MITB where Brock answers him in advance.  Seth agrees as long as Brock puts up the Universal title, and there you go.