When you think about it…

Watching old stuff on the network.   
For all the shit we give him.   You have to admit.  It’s actually kind of mind blowing that Vince is out doing commentary on these huge PPVs when he is the decision maker on every little thing.  I know he had great road agents.  But he really left his whole vulnerable in that regard. The fact that he doesn’t lose his shit on botched spots or boring matches is pretty amazing. 

Speaking of commentary.  When Tony Atlas debuted as sabba simba or whatever. And Piper just straight shits on the gimmick the whole match.  How come they didn’t just re shoot the commentary.  You can tell it wasn’t live.   I’m sure he didn’t see Simba as the next Hogan. But just letting it sink right from the start is just bad business. 

As usual.  Love the blog.

​Yeah, although Vince wasn't the best at the technical aspect of commentary, to say the least, he was the absolute best at getting over the stories he wanted to be told. 
As for the Saba Simba thing, the basic story that's come out over the years is that Tony Atlas was essentially homeless at that point, so Vince gave him a job and gimmick just to be a nice guy and wasn't terribly concerned with Piper exposing it on commentary.  ​