Still a B+ Player?

Why has WWE booked Daniel Bryan the way they have since his return from injury?   Could you imagine if Shawn Michaels came back from his years-long hiatus to feud with Test?

Is there any sort of plan to put Bryan in any of the “dream matches” we were hearing about when he was cleared?  The only one we’ve seen to this point is the AJ Styles match on Smackdown, which was just a tease to set-up the AJ/Nak feud.  Or is Bryan going to keep going nowhere against Big Cass while guys like Finn Balor sit in the back drinking coffee?

​It's really kind of baffling, but now it's come out that Bryan hasn't actually signed a new contract yet, so it's less baffling in a lot of ways.  I have to say though, even at Wrestlemania Bryan seemed a lot less special once he was actually back, and by having him on TV every week, he seems less special on top of that.  I guess that's what they want.​