It’s for the kids!

Scott – many old coots around here (myself included) have moaned and groaned about the product for years, and settling that this product may not be for us anymore but “for the kids”.  The same has been said about some guy named Roman (who doesn't get enough mention on this site, BTW), and it's generally accepted he won't go heel because of the kids.

But how is this product “for the kids” when their Raw runs until 11pm EST (the only standard time), Smackdown until 10, and PPV-type events until 11:30 or 12:00?  As for this character Roman, how is he “for the kids” when he's routinely main eventing these shows?

My 7 and 9 year olds dislike Roman because I dislike Roman, but even if they wanted to formulate their own opinion of him they'd have a hard time.  They've usually fallen asleep long before he comes out, scowls at the crowd, gets his ass kicked, punches the ring and then wins.  Or loses.  Or whatever.

So again…how is this really and truthfully “for the kids”?

​Average age of a WWE viewer is up around 55 years old now, so even their own demographics say it's not for the kids.  But the goal is always to hook the next generation, which is BANANAS because can you imagine having to jump into the self-referencing 3-hour nightmare that is Monday Night RAW if you're some kid interested in watching wrestling?  You need about 2 years of backstory just to understand the CHANTS.  ​