Cooling off

Hi Scott 

It appears over the years promoters have deliberately tried to cool down certain acts to not overshadow their intended top star.  Whats the quickest you have ever seen a hot act cool off either deliberately or otherwise?

To answer my own question I’d nominate the hart foundation in 97. They were enjoying nuclear heat against Austin and taker but in the span of about 2 raws, feuding with the patriot they seemed like yesterday’s news. It’s amazing to see it basically change overnight but are there any better examples?

​I don't know about “better”, but Barry Windham could certainly stop giving a shit at a moment's notice.  The most dramatic example is early 1989, where he was tearing it up as the US champion and looked like he was set to move back to World title contender again, but then lost the title to Lex Luger at Chi-Town Rumble and he was just DONE.  
Around the same time period, you also had the Original Midnight Express storming in and having all the crazy brawls with Cornette's Express and getting huge heat, and then after one match at Starrcade they just plummeted and Dennis Condrey left and no one really cared anyway and that was the last we saw of them.