The SmarK Rant for Extreme Championship Wrestling–09.27.94

The SmarK Rant for Extreme Championship Wrestling – 09.27.94

Man, the battle between ECW and Sunday Night Heat is RAGING in the pageview wars. Heat holds a slim lead at the moment, but they’re both doing really strong numbers.

Taped in Philly.

Your host is Joey Styles.

Tommy Dreamer is ready for the I Quit match with Sandman, and he’s going to stoop lower than anyone’s seen before in pursuit of victory. What, is he gonna take Saudi oil money and then tell his wife and daughter they can’t come to dinner?

Because, like, that was pretty low.

Just saying.

The Sandman v. Hack Meyers

This was still before the “shah shah shah” stuff from the crowd, when Hack was just a job guy. Sandman hits him with an elbow and slugs away on him, then hits an unlikely dropkick. Meyers fight back and some of the crowd is starting the “shah” chant, but it’s not widespread yet. Meyers comes back with a faceplant and goes after Woman, then slugs away on Sandman in the corner, but Woman gives him the cane and Sandman WAFFLES Hack for the pin at 3:13. So this was pretty horrible. DUD Apparently Hack died in 2015, too. I don’t even remember that.

We get another recap of Tommy Dreamer taking his 10 lashes from Sandman, leading up to the I Quit match. And by recap, I mean replaying the entire thing again.

2 Cold Scorpio has it going on like a pile of neckbones. That certainly would have a lot going on. We get a montage of Scorpio against Sabu set to budget “funk” music and he says “Whoop there it is” a bunch of times because apparently that’s all he’s got to offer for promos at this point.

Meanwhile, Jason gets a bunch of cheap victories to retain his TV title.

ECW TV title: Jason (The Sexiest Man on Earth) v. Dino Sendoff

As usual, Jason distracts the ref and Dean destroys Jason’s loser challenger, setting him up for an easy win at 0:20. Dean continues cranking on Sendoff’s neck afterwards, but the Tazmaniac makes the save and we apparently have a match. Dean shoots on him and Taz and reverses to an armbar and won’t release it, even as Jason kicks him in the head a bunch of times. The army of geeks run in to break them up, but they keep fighting and Taz suplexes the shit out of the warm bodies.

Shane Douglas gets a video package that is now set to a song not entirely unlike, but far enough away for legal reasons from, Tina Turner’s “The Best”.

The Public Enemy are ready to take the tag titles back on Saturday.

The Public Enemy v. Chris Canyon & Don E. Allen

Joined in progress as they hit a Rockerplex on Canyon and Rocco stops for some dancing, then they send him to the floor and dump him into the crowd after a chairshot. Back in, Grunge chokes Allen out, then puts him on top of two tables and Rocco puts him through them. Back in, the Drive By finishes Canyon at 3:24. Cactus and Mikey hit the ring after a motivational speech from Mick (In a hilarious touch, he tells Mikey that “it’s his choice” whether to fight, while holding his tights and preventing him from fleeing back to the dressing room in terror) and they quickly brawl into the bleachers and back to the dressing room.

Osamu Nishimura v. Chris Benoit

Well this is quite the main event. They trade wristlock bridges and Benoit goes to work on the arm, but misses a flying bodypress. Nishimura fires back with kicks and adds a dropkick into the corner, into a bulldog. He goes up with a missile dropkick for two, and a powerbomb gets two. Benoit comes back with a northern lights suplex for the pin at 2:42. Well that was a huge disappointment. **

Paul E. Dangerously cuts the big go-home promo, hyping up Sabu’s match THIS SATURDAY with Chris Benoit, where this time he might go too far and crash and burn one time too many. That’s not until November, actually.

Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck do the same promo from last week again to hype up the tag title rematch with Public Enemy THIS SATURDAY.

Nothing much to this one from a wrestling standpoint, but it was a hell of a hype job for the show at the Bingo Hall THIS SATURDAY NIGHT. Not buying the Shane-Scorpio main event, though.