The Business Excuse

Dear Scott,

Good day to you in the Great White North.

So we seem to always have a lot of people talking back and forth on the internet with the focus being that “the product sucks because it is the current model that makes money so that’s an ok excuse.”

I mean, really, I don’t know why someone who is a wrestling fan or especially a smark would even care about this to begin with but my question is this:

Under the current situation is there a way for the WWE to make a product that is fun to watch that wouldn’t cost them money or be more trouble then it would be worth it to them bottom line? 

Cause it seems like they have already come to that conclusion.
​Honestly, I think hiring a better class of writer (ie, someone who actually knows wrestling) and having Vince step far away from the product for a while would be the best thing.  NXT is chugging along nicely and they pay absolutely no consideration to business needs.  ​