Royal Rumble/Money in the Bank

So this would never happen since the WWE does not ever embrace change, but how’s this for an idea? The Royal Rumble is always like 25 nobodies and maybe 5 guys that have a chance, and Money In The Bank usually has a bigger air of unpredictability to it. So wouldn’t it be cool if they switched the rewards? Whoever wins the Rumble gets a future title opportunity and whoever wins MITB gets a contract for a title match at Wrestlemania? You know someone like say, Bobby Roode isn’t going to win the Rumble to go to Mania, but he could win a Rumble to get a briefcase contract. 
Never gonna happen I know, but I like the idea. 

​Definitely could be a way to switch things up.  Since apparently their only creative outlet for change is “X…but with WOMEN!” these days.
While I’m on the subject, is Asuka the biggest waste of a Royal Rumble winner in history?  Like, was their plan seriously to have her win the inaugural Women’s Rumble, lose the title match at Wrestlemania to end her streak, and then plummet into the midcard and not even be on the next PPV?  ​