Last Man Standing?

So the rumor mill has Styles vs Nakamura going to a last man standing? After neither could answer a 10 count in a normal match. Where is the logic in that? Bro. You are doing it all wrong. A cup on a Pole match. First one to the cup gets to use it bro. You have AJ get the cup he goes to kick Nakamura but it’s a swerve he was wearing his own cup bro. They will neva see it coming. You could then build towards a ladder match with the cup suspended above the ring but then Randy Orton comes out during that match and he now has possession of the cup. Then Styles and Naakamura have to team up even though they don’t like each other to get the cup from Orton. Orton chooses Joe as his partner bro but then Nakamura and Joe turn on Styles and Orton because they’re evil foreign heels who can’t be trusted bro it will be great. This leads to a 4 way at HIAC booked by Shane as the special Ref. Shane turns heel bro because he had possession of the real cup he hands it to Paige but you can’t trust women so bro she kicks Shane in the nuts knowing he doesn’t have a cup. She defects to Raw and presents the cup to Stephanie leading to Survivor Series. SmackDown vs Raw winning team gets the cup. But it’s a Schmoz bro and it has to be put up for grabs in the Rumble. Nakamura and Styles fall out as the last 2 guys and have to settle for fighting for the cup at Mania. Styles wins and that is how you long term book bro and the next Monday night you kick off the next year of booking bro.


Is this because of too much flouride in the water, or not enough?