Wrestlemania on TV?

So pretty much every WWE business metric is down (w/ the exception of TV ratings which ticked up  but have been trending down for years) and the WWE Network numbers are fairly stagnant. AND YET… b/c of the TV Deals (and their selfless mission to help enrich Saudi Arabian culture) they’re still profitable and seemingly will be for years to come. So my question is: do you ever see a time when Wrestlemania could be on regular Network TV? They could even have networks bidding for the exclusive rights like the Super Bowl. 

I never would have considered this even an option a few years ago, but the willingness of TV execs to throw stupid money at live sports content has me thinking about it.     

​I mean, terrifyingly, it has become a viable option if someone wants to throw enough money at Vince.  That being said, it’s unlikely we’d get the self-indulgent 7 hour version of the show under those circumstances, so I can’t really see them going for it.  ​