The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling–01.30.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 01.30.82

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & David Crockett, with Roddy Piper dropping in to annoy everyone here and there.

The ELECTRIFYING Sandy Scott joins us to remind everyone that the world is still buzzing about this NWA World tag title tournament. We get some random footage of the Andersons wrestling Gary Young and another guy, from 1977, and it’s about 2 minutes of headlocks that goes nowhere. OK then.

Mike Miller & Jeff Sword v. Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Mulligan Jr.

The Mulligans work on Sword with headlocks while Piper and Caudle discuss the possibility of a father/son tag team championship combo. Blackjack dominates Miller in the corner and throws him around with a FLYING HEADSCISSORS?!? The jobbers manage to double-team him a bit in the corner, but Blackjack comes back with a botched suplex on Sword and really cranks the poor guy’s neck on the way down. Sword immediately rolls out of the ring and I don’t think he’s coming back tonight. Mulligan Jr. works over Miller with armdrags in the meantime, and amazingly Sword pulls himself back into the match again. That’s a tough SOB. Mulligan and Mulligan work him over and finish with a pair of back elbows, however, at 4:48.


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! 1 for 1 because Blackjack did a flying headscissors.

Jack and Jerry Brisco join Gordon Solie and they’re about as excited and animated as they ever get. They’re happy to be representing Florida, but heck, they’re happy to have the chance to travel around the world and meet all the various tag teams.

Jack & Jerry Brisco v. Rick & John Davidson

So this is footage from the Florida TV show to drive home the international nature of the tag tournament. The Briscos work over a Davidson’s leg (no idea which one, it doesn’t really matter) and trade off on that. Gordon Solie is joined on commentary by Bruce Tharpe, who recently was the guy who sold the NWA name and footage to Billy Corgan and he looks about 19 years old here. Great finish, as Jerry puts one of the geeks in a figure-four, and then when the other one runs in to break it up, he cradles him for the pin at 3:13! While still holding the figure-four! Someone needs to steal that finish, it’s fantastic. 2 for 2.

Doug Vines & Jeff Sword get promo time, and this has gotta be one of those filler promos where they would insert local stuff over top of it. They were actually around forever, all the way into the 90s as various masked identities on the indy scene.

Austin Idol & Ivan Koloff v. Don Gilbert & Keith Larson

Gilbert gets worked over in the heel corner like a geek and Idol chokes him down in the corner, but he fights back on Ivan and brings in Keith Larson. He’s semi-pushed, so he gets some slams on Ivan for two until Idol breaks it up. Back to Gilbert, who is again completely useless and gets his ass handed to him by Idol. Swinging neckbreaker brings in Ivan for the big knee off the top rope to finish at 5:05. Nothing to this one. 2 for 3.

More tag teams throw their hats in the ring! The Blackjacks are excited about all the cattle they could buy with $25,000. Steamboat & Youngblood are also ready.

Jim Nelson & Steve Sybert v. Johnny Weaver & Don Kernodle

The babyfaces work over Nelson with armdrags in the corner and Nelson just can’t get anywhere. Sybert comes in and walks into the dreaded WEAVERLOCK, but Nelson attacks from behind to break it up. So Kernodle hits him with a back elbow and backdrop, and a small package for two. Kernodle puts him in a full nelson, and Weaver accidentally hits him, so Kernodle gets pissed and finishes Sybert with a powerslam at 4:45. Wonder what that was about? Match was energetic enough for a point. 3 for 4.

Off to the AWA this time, as we watch Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura taking on a couple of jobbers. This is seriously trippy.

More geek promos, with Keith Larson & Don Gilbert, who just got squashed earlier in the show but are still looking forward to competing in the tag title tournament. Larson is in Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer territory here. Gilbert looks and sounds like someone’s drunk uncle.

Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood v. Doug Vines & Bill White

Vines gets his arm worked over by the babyfaces, but Youngblood takes a cheapshot from White and bumps to the apron. Back in, Jay fights back with chops and winds up the big tomahawk chop on Vines. Steamboat with his own big chop, and he presses Jay onto Vines with a big splash for the pin at 2:56. Great squash win for the babyfaces, super-energetic stuff. 4 for 5.

Sgt. Slaughter is disgusted that Don Kernodle would take a punch in the face from Johnny Weaver and just shake Weaver’s hand and let it go. However, the offer to be part of his army is still out there. AH! So that’s where it was going. Roddy Piper stops by and calls everyone else in the promotion stupid for challenging him. So then Ivan Koloff pops in and he’s like “WHO ARE YOU CALLING STUPID?!” and Piper quickly realizes his situation and backs down in a great touch. Austin Idol also talks shit at Piper, but Roddy isn’t taking it from him. I love that everyone kind of hates Piper no matter what side they’re on.

Well, you can’t say this show doesn’t have a focus at the moment! It’s all tag teams, all the time.