Lita On Leaving Women Off The GRR

She hit it right on the head. Nobody buys the “I believe within 10 years, women will wrestle there” not even they believe that.

​Well of course not.  I think it’s well established that the sole reason they went there is for the money, women’s matches be damned.  And since they made approximately half the gross of a Wrestlemania for one night’s half-assed house show and had all the travel costs covered, it’s hard to argue against it.  I just wish they would shut up about how they’re revolutionizing women’s wrestling if they’re also taking dirty oil money.  It’s like they want to be a sleazy wrestling company, plus an anti-bullying social justice warrior, plus a Make-A-Wish sponsor, plus an empowering women’s promotion, plus a TV production company…it’s like, at some point you can’t serve all those masters at the same time.  Personally I think they should just embrace the sleaze again and be done with it.  At least we’d know where they stand.​