Final Four Original Plans

It has been said that despite rumors of Bret-Shawn for the WWF Title at WM 13, that they decided ahead of time that it would be Sid-Undertaker for the belt, even before Shawn gave up the title prior to the IYH PPV.  If the Final Four was supposed to be winner gets a title shot, was Undertaker supposed to win?  Did they have that Final Four concept in mind even before RR 97 where Shawn won the WWF belt back from Sid?

Final Four was supposed to be a #1 contender match as originally envisioned, so I imagine Undertaker was going to win.  The logistics with the Rumble finish changing and Shawn losing his smile make it hard to say 100% how they were getting where they were getting originally, especially with Vince changing his mind constantly at that point.