Since it’s been about 16 minutes since you’ve answered a Reigns question, here’s another one for the queue. 

I had tuned out during Cena’s rise to the top. I stopped watching completely while he was still rapper John Cena, and when I tuned back in it was the glory days of LOLCenaWins.

During his initial rise, was Cena as unpopular as Roman is now?  By the time I started watching, people at least begrudgingly acknowledged  Cena’s talent, and part of the boos almost seemed like people were just having fun with it.

With Reigns their seems to be a real venom behind it where people just can’t stand the guy. 


​Cena was wildly popular as a rapping heel, to the point where the company was forced to turn him babyface and push him to the top.  Hard as it is to imagine John Cena as an underground sensation, it really was a grass roots movement from the fans to get him to the top.  It wasn’t until months into his first title reign that the fanbase even started turning on him.  And yeah, past a certain point, it just became the “thing” to do “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” and boo him, but his matches still got big reactions.  This kind of thing NEVER happened to Cena, except for extreme cases like that Rumble match with Randy Orton where the crowd decided in advance they were going to hate it.​