WWF Wrestling Challenge – July 28th, 1991

July 28, 1991

From the Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Jim Neidhart

In action this week are The Nasty Boys, Big Bossman, Irwin R. Schyster, and The Dragon.


The Dragon vs. Louie Spicolli

Gorilla tells us about Piper having another motorcycle accident as he is once again out of action. Dragon uses a few pinning combinations to start then takes Spicolli down with a clothesline. Dragon then lands a few chops then chases Spicolli outside and back into the ring where he stays in control and eventually gets the win with a flying body press (1:41).

Thoughts: The Dragon is still without any real direction at this point. And he would not have one in this run.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as Superstars that showcased Sid making his debut to confront the Triangle of Terror..


Irwin R. Schyster vs. Bob Jones

IRS beats down Jones as Gorilla is not a fan of IRS going after people. Jones floats over on a suplex and rolls up IRS for two but after that gets caught in the Write Off (1:14).

Thoughts: They did not mention IRS’s SummerSlam match against Greg Valentine that was announced on Superstars because the SummerSlam Report segment would air again later on in this show.


Ed Moretti vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Moretti lands a few shots but runs into a clothesline. Duggan hits a few more clotheslines then puts Moretti away with the Three Point Stance (1:32).

Thoughts: Duggan is still doing his patriotic stuff but with Col. Mustafa being part of the SummerSlam main event that feud is being downplayed.


Gorilla plugs the “Bodybuilding Lifestyles” magazine with Gary Strydom on the cover.


Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Stan Saxson & Brian Jewels

Sags is sporting a cast on his right arm. The Nasty Boys start off by beating on Jewels. We hear from the Legion of Doom in an insert as they call out the Nasty Boys for being poor role models then the Nasty Boys put Saxson away after Knobbs hit a powerslam while Sags covered with his foot (3:25).

Thoughts: Odd promo from LoD as their feud with the Nasty Boys continues.


Funeral Parlor with Jake Roberts from Superstars airs.


SummerSlam Report


Big Bossman vs. Sam Steel

Bossman beats on Steel then hits a spinebuster. We hear from Mountie & Jimmy Hart as Mountie promises that Bossman will serve hard time after SummerSlam then Bossman hits a sidewalk slam for the win (0:52).

Thoughts: They are pushing the Bossman/Mountie match stipulation at SummerSlam where the loser spends a night in jail.


Bret Hart shills WWF Superstars of Wrestling Ice Cream Bars


Beverly Brothers w/ Coach vs. Jeff Wheeler & Randy Thatcher

Beau takes it slow then shakes Wheeler’s hand. Beau then cheap shots Wheeler after a break and Blake uses a neck snap. Beau struts after hitting a butterfy suplex then Thatcher tags into the match. Thatcher is short but jacked. Thatcher lowers his straps but gets outsmarted by the Beverly Brothers then soon after that he’s put away with a pancake/head spike combo (3:07).

Thoughts: The Beverly Brothers were somewhat playing insincere heels but the crowd still does not care and that is what happens when you randomly pair a terrible manager with an act the crowd does not know.


Next week in action are the British Bulldog, Ted DiBiase, The Bushwhackers w/ Andre the Giant, and Col. Mustafa


Final Thoughts: The main segments here were stuff that already aired on Superstars and the rest was basic hype for SummerSlam, which does not have much momentum right now.