WWF Superstars of Wrestling – July 27th, 1991

July 27, 1991

From the Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Randy Savage

In action this week are Bret Hart, The Bushwhackers w/ Andre the Giant, Texas Tornado, and The Warlord. Plus, Jake Roberts as guest on the “Funeral Parlor” and more!


Texas Tornado vs. Vern Siebert

Piper talks about being out of action due to another motorcycle accident as Tornado beats on Siebert. Tornado stays in control then hits the Tornado Punch for the win (1:53).

Thoughts: The comment about Piper getting into a motorcycle accident I believe was made to write him off from the IRS feud but he’d come back a few months later with a newcomer to the WWF.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We are shown Sid Justice making his debut last week after being named the special guest referee for the handicap tag match at SummerSlam. After that the Triangle of Terror tells Sid will have to raise their hands in victory and after that will beg to join them.


The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Chi Chi Cruz

The announcers question as to whether or not Hogan and Warrior can get along at SummerSlam while Berzerker beats on Cruz. Vince then tells us their is talk of Sid and Warrior not getting along as Berzerker stays in control. Berzerker then tosses Cruz outside and gets the win via count out (2:13).

Thoughts: With The Berzerker doing nothing and not getting over his match was used as a backdrop to talk about whether or not Warrior & Hogan could get along as a team.


We see that WBF Champion Gary Strydom is on the cover of “Bodybuilding Lifestyles” magazine.


Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Hutch Thomas

Bret works over Thomas as we hear from Mr. Perfect and Coach in an insert promo where Perfect says Hart is good but not “perfect” to hype up their match at SummerSlam. The crowd, unsurprisingly, is into Bret as he puts Thomas away with a Sharpshooter (2:09).

Thoughts: Bret was really starting to get over strong with the TV crowds. He’s one of the more popular babyfaces they have.


An ad for SummerSlam airs, pushing the “Match Made in Heaven, Match Made in Hell” theme.


The Warlord w/ Slick vs. Larry Williams

Warlord destroys Williams as the announcers asks Savage if he will have a bachelor party then tease him about that as Warlord uses the full nelson for the win (1:55).

Thoughts: Another match featuring a guy without much direction while Vince & Piper teased Savage about his marriage.


Skinner is in the swamp. However, we only hear his voice as the camera surveys the area. Skinner then appears as we will apparently never know where to find him. These vignettes have already run their course.


The Bushwhackers w/ Andre the Giant vs. Bob Bradley & Mike Starr

Andre is using two crutches to ambulate and looks awful. We are shown an inset of Andre’s knee showing off the surgery scar. Butch then goes out and licks Andre and sticks a Bushwhackers hat on his head as Andre is first surprised but then laughs. Bradley gets knocked outside and becomes afraid of Andre. Starr tags in as we hear from the Natural Disasters & Jimmy Hart in an insert promo warning Andre if he interferes in their match at SummerSlam. The Bushwhackers work over Starr then put him away with a double gutbuster (1:55).

Thoughts: Its really sad to see Andre in this condition. In no way should he had been perceived as a threat coming out like this. Or even come out at all.


Funeral Parlor with guest Jake Roberts. Jake talks about death looking for him and says he will spit in its eyes because he has something that rests on his shoulder that does not let him fear death. Bearer thinks he’s referencing his snake but Jake said its Lucifer himself, the same that rests upon Bearer’s shoulder as Vince seems concerned. Bearer then says every man on his final walk must face the Undertaker but Jake says Undertaker now has his hands full. Bearer claims they are just stringing the Undertaker along but Jake asks him how they’d feel if he shared the secrets of the darkness with the Ultimate Warrior. Jake said all Warrior has to do is release the fear of death and to simply trust him as Bearer begs Jake to come back as Jake leaves. Interesting stuff here. First off, Jake seemed to no longer be concerned with Damien’s death and basically said the devil rests upon his shoulder, which concerned Vince and all but signals a heel turn but they did a good enough job building tension between Jake and Bearer that you could see a Taker/Jake feud in the future. Both guys, especially Jake, were good in this segment.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund. New matches announced are Big Bossman vs. The Mountie in a “Jailhouse Match,” where the loser has to spend a night in jail, and Irwin R. Schyster vs. Greg Valentine. That second match is not exciting whatsoever.


The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Steve May

We hear from Bossman in an insert promo as he cannot wait for The Mountie to spend a night in jail. The Mountie beats on May then quickly puts hm away with a two-handed chokeslam (0:41). After the match, Mountie cuffs May to the bottom rope and shocks him.

Thoughts: With the SummerSlam match official the feud will be focused on the PPV and new match stipulation.


In action next week are the Natural Disasters, The Dragon, Sgt. Slaughter, and The Undertaker. Plus, an interview with Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior and more!


Final Thoughts: The Funeral Parlor was the biggest thing on the show. Besides that we learned of two more SummerSlam matches as the hype for the PPV continues.