Scott’s Scintillating Origin Story!

Hey, Scott:

You’ve shared the story of how you became a wrestling fan on many occasions. So, how did you first get into comics? What was the first title or storyline that hooked you for good? Has there ever been a title or a run that’s given you the same feelings as the current WWE product? Thanks!


First comic I can remember hooking me was a Legion of Superheroes digest issue from the late 70s, featuring the Starfinger storyline.  I mostly read Superman comics off the comic racks when that was still a thing.  The one that blew my mind was of course Crisis on Infinite Earth’s and from there I moved into the follow-ups like Man of Steel and Flash.  Once I was old enough to save my own money and discovered my local comic shop, I was hooked for good, although after University it turned into a real addiction for me and I’ve had to stop collecting on multiple occasions because of it.